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Design Ideas[edit]

Our website needs to be our home on the internet (aside from the forum) where new and current users can find current updates, multimedia, our community, and of course, current releases. The current layout for the new site is the following:

  • The front page is meant to "sell" the game, instead of simply containing updates. This is meant to keep the attention of new users and show off our work.
  • The right side column is intended to display clickable screenshots of our game and other features that can attract users.

The main menu at the top of the page is clickable, and also branches off into the following set of options:

  • News
    • Archives
    • Blog
  • About
    • Credits
    • F.A.Q.
  • Download
  • Multimedia
    • Artwork
    • Music
    • Screenshots
    • Story
  • Community
    • Forum
    • Wiki
    • IRC
    • Bugs
    • Sourceforge
  • Contribute
    • Apply
  • There are other ideas which have not yet been implemented. They include:
    • Either staff or individual developer journals, such as those at
    • The "contribute" page will list our artwork, coding, or audio needs. Conversely, we can link this page on the website to a general "contribution needs" page on the wiki, which can link to the individual wiki pages for artwork, audio, and programming needs. Of course, this necessitates that we keep those wiki pages up-to-date. Update: Contribute page is now up. It refers to pages on the Wiki for contribution needs.