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Allacrost uses it's own custom map editor to fulfill the unique needs of the game. All allacrost maps are built from two primary files: a map data file and a map script file. The editor is the sole tool for creating the data file and is not used directly in the creation of the script file. Before you begin building maps with the editor, it's highly recommended that you read through the Map Fundamentals page to get an understanding of the unique properties of maps in Allacrost. Above all else, you should make sure that you understand what a "map context" is and also how tile and object layers intertwine with one another.


This video covers most of how to use the map editor as of 2015. You should watch it in it's entirety to learn what the various tools are and what they can do for you. Below are some recommended tips and cautions regarding the editor.

  • Save often when using the map editor, ideally every 1-2 minutes that you spend actively making changes.
  • There is no undo/redo feature in the editor currently. Be very careful when using the "area" tools that can affect a large number of tiles all at once
  • Make sure that all your tilesets are setup and prepared before you begin working on a map. Use the tileset editor as necessary to make changes
  • Don't use more tile layers or contexts on a map than you need to. Layers typically range between 3-5 (3 being the most common number).
  • There is no cut/copy/paste feature yet, so don't look for one (this is planned for the future, but the options are currently disabled)
  • Use the area select tool frequently. It is both very powerful and a good way to make sure that you don't accidentally edit more tiles than you intended to