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Hero of Allacrost uses many pieces of media content that were developed externally to the project. This page explains everything related to acquiring and using free content in Allacrost.


The reason why free content is used is because, as a project with unpaid volunteers, we lack the resources to produce a game composed of entirely original content. While it would be nice if we could produce a game with unique artwork, music, and sounds, it just isn't feasible for us to do. Thus, we seek out free content that fits into the game's style, making any proper adjustments that we need. To give back to the community, we also make our own original works freely available under a license for other projects to use as they see fit.

Content Licenses[edit]

One of the difficulties with using free content is that they fall under several different licenses. Some licenses have certain requirements and restrictions, such as requiring acknowledgement of the original author or disallowing it's use in any commercial project. We must be careful to only include content that falls under a compatible license and to comply with that license as necessary. Most free licenses are one of the many Creative Common (CC) licenses available. CC licenses are explained here. In fact, the content of the wiki that you are currently reading is provided under a CC license as well.

The following licenses are compatible with Allacrost. This is not an exhaustive list, and there are other licenses that may be compatible with Allacrost. A very brief summary of the license is provided, with a link to the detailed information for that license.

Works in the public domain come with absolutely no restrictions for their use. Public domain works are sometimes listed as CC0 licenses.

Requires attribution to the original author.

Requires attribution to the original author and for any modifications made to be available under the same license.

Requires attribution to the original author and expressly prohibits any and all modifications to the content.

Requires attribution to the original author and prohibits the use of the content in commercial projects.

Requires attribution to the original author, for any modifications made to be available under the same license, and prohibits the use of the content in commercial projects.

Requires attribution to the original author, expressly prohibits any and all modifications to the content, and prohibits the use of the content in commercial projects.

Both 2.0 and 3.0 versions of this license are acceptable. Any content used under the GPL can be modified, but modifications must remain licensed under the GPL.

A liberal licenses with very few restrictions and requirements.

Very similar to the BSD license.

Complying with Licenses[edit]

With so many licenses, it can be difficult to remember what criteria need to be met. To make this process easier for us, we maintain a file called LICENSES, which resides in the game's top-level directory. Within this file, we maintain a list of every image, sound, music, etc. that we included in Allacrost that is not an original work made expressly for our project. For each file we designate the license in which it was made available under and provide accreditation to the original author. Although not all licenses have the accreditation requirement, it's easier (and polite) for us to provide this information anyway. It is not always possible to find the original author of a work (especially for certain licenses with fewer restrictions), so if this information can not be found, that is alright. The LICENSES file must also list all files that we made modifications to if they fall under a license like the Creative Common ShareAlike licenses. This is because these licenses require this content to be made available under the same license.

In summary, you need to update the LICENSES file whenever:

  1. You add a new file to Allacrost that was created by an external party
  2. You made a modification to a file that was created by an external party

The LICENSES file should list each file that is either external content or a modification of external content. For each file listed, include the following information:

  1. The license that the content was provided under (CC BY-SA, GPL, etc).
  2. The name of the original author or authors, if available. Use the author's full name when available, otherwise an online alias should suffice.

Finding Free Content[edit]

There are many websites and repositories of free content available on the internet. This section lists the best sites that we have found for finding free content that is usable for Allacrost. If you find a content source that is not on this list, please add it.

  • OpenGameArt: [1]

This is one of the best sources for free content and includes artwork, music, and sounds. It is well organized and has a great, supportive community. The community has also assisted with Allacrost artwork requirements directly in the past.

Modifying Content[edit]

You may find that some content requires modification before it will fit in with Allacrost's style. This may be a technical requirement, such as resizing an image to be certain dimensions as size requirements are explained in Artwork Categories. Please do not add any free content to the project repository that does not meet the technical requirements for artwork, sound, or music. Make any necessary alterations to the artwork first before putting it in, and remember to follow the filename guidelines (no capital letters and use underscores instead of spaces). Content may require modification for cosmetic reasons as well, but you can request an artist to perform such modifications if you lack the ability to do so yourself.