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In this tutorial you will create a simple game mode. It won't do much.

This tutorial builds on the previous game mode tutorial. You will learn how to create a light show, and add music, using the audio and video engines. You will learn how to use the input engine, by allowing the player to control the lights with the keyboard or joystick.

This tutorial will teach you how to use the scripting engine to read lua files, execute functions in lua, and expose c++ functions to call within lua.

This tutorial will teach you how to write a simple game in lua, using the Allacrost game engine. You will learn how to create your own map. It will not include Claudius or Laila, but will include characters who look like them. It will include some of the monsters from Hero of Allacrost. This tutorial is meant to teach how to interface with the Allacrost game engine from lua code. Actually making a full-blown game is beyond the scope of this tutorial.