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WARNING: The content on this page contains spoiler material!

This page maintains a time line of the major events in the Hero of Allacrost story. Because there are no exact dates given in the story, an approximate year and month are given in the form YY.MM.DD, with 00.00.00 marking where the story begins in the prologue. Events that occurred before the prologue are preceded with a negative sign.

Approximate Date Event Notes
Allacrost Story Timeline
-02.00.00 A major event affects Claudius and sends him into depression Roots: this event is not revealed until much later in the story, so stay tunned ;)
-01.10.00 Claudius enrolls in knight school and becomes a karlate
-00.04.00 Claudius graduates and becomes a junior knight
00.00.00 Demons attack the capital of Harrvah This is where the prologue begins
00.00.03 Claudius departs Harrvah for Lambdor kingdom
00.00.04 Claudius spends the night at a small farming village
00.00.05 Claudius passes through the Harrvahan border city of Kalthus and finds a ride to Fallus