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Hero of Allacrost is a game more-or-less born from nostalgia. The Allacrost team was unsatisfied with the majority of today's professional games, where the main focus is on state-of-the-art graphics and the story and gameplay becomes increasingly ignored. Additionally, many game publishers are scared to deviate from proven formulas, instead only willing to publish historically-proven game designs. This results in games following "cookie-cutter" designs and stiffles creativity.

We of the Allacrost team strive to achieve the following goals with this game.

  1. Create a role-playing game, free to the public, which may be enjoyed by as many people as possible. It will be playable on a wide range of computers from 1990 era PCs to today's, and on virtually any user operating system from Linux, to Windows, to Mac OSX. This game will also support multiple languages so that players from the world over may play it.

  2. Design the game such that the major focus is on gameplay and story, not advanced 3D graphics and physical simulations.

  3. As much as possible, remove the tedious, meaningless, and micromanaging aspects of many historical and modern RPGs.

  4. Require a high level of strategic thinking and planning from the player, and less mindless "button mashing" found in many RPGs.

  5. Make the source code and documentation to our game engine freely available under the GNU Public License, so that other game developers may absorb what we have learned and use our code to expedite the production of their own games.