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Status Updates[edit]

6/28/06 - I (emrebfg) cleaned out the public_html/ directory of our website, moving most old directories and files to the old_website/ directory. As a result, to view the old website you can simply venture to .

Overall Organization[edit]

The Allacrost website, specifically its public_html/ directory, is currently split into the following:

  • dev/
    • The new website development is housed here.
  • forum/
    • The forum.
  • irc/
    • I (emrebfg) am not sure how this is intended to be used.
    • Jetryl suspects this might have been intended to hold IRC logs.
  • old_website/
    • The old website, powered by phpWCMS, can be found here.
  • public/
    • As it implies, this is the public directory. It contains, in developer/, the code standard. In the doxygen/ directory, it contains doxygen generated documentation of the code.
  • staff/
    • This is the directory where staff FTP accounts enter.

Contained in the root of public_html/ is currently what is seen by visiting - the index page and an image.

Content Organization[edit]

Soon, once the new website design is complete, we will have to organize our content - screenshots, images, audio, and story text. In due time, a layout for organizing this content will be put here to accomodate our organization needs.

I propose that we use the public/ FTP directory for organizing all of the media content. This does -not- include the raw HTML/PHP text content that makes up the site, however. Specifically, I propose that the public/ directory be split into the following subdirectories:

  • artwork/
  • music/
  • screenshots/
  • story/
  • downloads/

We may choose to not use the public/ FTP directory and instead use the base public_html/ directory (in other words, store in instead of The advantage of using the public/ FTP directory is that it is easier to control who has access to change what is stored in this directory without giving them full access to the site's control panel.

--Roots 21:49, 2 July 2006 (PDT)