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This page is used to keep an itemized list of all planned features, content, and additions that will go into the next release of our products. The purpose here is to both keep an organized (and editable) list of what needs to be done for our next product releases and the status of those items in a central location.

Use the table template below for examples on making an entry. Tasks can be set to one of three priority levels: green, yellow, and red. Green priority tasks are an absolute requirement for the release. Yellow priority tasks are things that we would like to have in the release, but we can live without if there's no time to finish them. Red priority tasks are things that we have discussed and will not be included in the release, but will likely be added in future releases.

General Area
Specific Area
Priority Status Task
FINISHED Example of a task that has been finished
Roots Example of a task that is in progress by someone (in this case, Roots)
Unassigned Example of a task that no one is currently working on

Demo 1.0.0[edit]

Code - Engine
Video Engine
Unassigned All text rendering should be finished and completely defect free
Unassigned All GUI code should be bug free, fully featured, and require no foreseeable API changes
Unassigned Ensure that there are NO visual defects from any video engine code
FINISHED OptionBoxes need the ability to add images as an element in the option text (in a way better and more flexible than is currently done)
FINISHED TextBox, OptionBox need ability to navigate content. Ie, if there are more options than can fit in the window allow the contents to scroll around
Unassigned All GUI controls should use TextImages instead of rendering the text all over again on each draw call
Unassigned Add basic support for simple lighting (for use on maps)
Unassigned Add procedural image support
Audio Engine
Unassigned Add distance attenuation support for audio sources
Unassigned Fix all minor glitches so that audio playback is perfectly smooth and uninterrupted
Unassigned Custom audio looping playback (looping through sections of a track instead of the entire track)
Input Engine
Shmoopy909 Provide two default key mappings and let the player decide which to use on first boot (current one versus one that is "more intuitive")
Shmoopy909 Allow player to save/load multiple key map settings
Mode Management Engine
Unassigned Latency hiding and effects for game mode transition (e.g. screen fading, dithering, etc.)
System Engine
FINISHED Add internationalization support into system engine, and other code components as necessary
Code - Modes
Boot Mode
Unassigned Support for previewing saved game data without loading
Shmoopy909 Allow user to select between two different default interface schemes: the existing "practical" scheme and a new "intuitive" scheme
Unassigned Completely finished, bug-free, and fully polished
Battle Mode
FINISHED Action animation of both characters and enemies with synchronized audio
FINISHED Much more scripting support available in battles
Roots Basic enemy AI functional (no more random target selections)
FINISHED Warm-up and cool-down time for skills added and functional (and the stamina bar will show these periods)
Roots Final, balanced damage formulas fixed in place
Map Mode
FINISHED Map context support (ability to go in and out of structures)
FINISHED Full support of environmental/ambient sounds and sounds triggered by events
FINISHED Improve the efficiency of pathfinding, path-reuse, and collision resolution
FINISHED Fully polished and complete interface for dialogues, treasure menus, and all other GUI elements
Unassigned Fix all visual defects and misalignments when drawing tiles and objects on the screen. Resolve all screen jumping/skipping issues.
FINISHED All stored map text should be made translatable via gettext and the system engine. Demonstrate map mode running in a non-English language.
FINISHED Implement event management. This is the ability for the game to run on "auto-pilot" while the player watches a scene unfold.
FINISHED Improve dialogue management, operation, and improve flexibility
Unassigned Save zones for saving the game and restoring the player's position to that point when loading a saved game
Unassigned Support lighting, fog, and other visual effects on maps through scripting
Unassigned Additional options for enemy NPC sprites and AI (ability to guard certain areas, etc)
Unassigned Support animation of opening/closing of doors and similar structures (gates, etc)
Unassigned Create a Lua file that stores object/sprite definitions that can be used to easily create map objects/sprites in the map file.
Unassigned Make necessary alterations to map file format to accommodate new features/changes. Make map files more efficient and organized
Unassigned Support player-command character actions (sword swinging, bow shooting, etc)
Unassigned Implement surface/walking sounds
Menu Mode
Unassigned All options in menus must be fully functional
Unassigned Support for allowing a preview of existing save files and an overwrite file confirm prompt
Unassigned Improved interface and more efficient menu hierarchy
Unassigned Fully polished and totally complete
Shop Mode
FINISHED Add display of which characters can equip a selected shop entry, and the change (+/-) in ratings for attack/defense of the new equipment
FINISHED Add shop pricing (some shops buy and/or sell at higher or lower prices than standard rate)
FINISHED Improve menu hierarchy and interface so that it is of professional quality
Unassigned Add trade feature to sell current equipment on characters and simultaneous replace with newly bought equipment (trading)
Unassigned Add limited stock feature (limited quantities available for purchase of certain items)
Code - Editor
Main Editor
Unassigned Create a better interface for utilizing multiple sub-editors at once
Unassigned Allow multiple editor windows to make use of the video engine without having to destory and re-create the video manager singleton
Map Editor
Unassigned Add the tile chunking feature for easier map creation
Unassigned Add support for the placement of map objects and sprites on maps
Tileset Editor
Unassigned Make it easier to edit walkability on tilesets (paint whole sections instead of having to click each grid box)
Content Editor
Unassigned Add feature for user to view lists of content and their properties (artwork, music, equipment, skills, enemies)
FINISHED Outdoor desert environment with various types of sands and light vegetation
FINISHED Military outpost (using desert house tileset)
FINISHED Desert cave with bridges, pits, and other features
FINISHED Kyle, Claudius' close friend and training partner who betrays his allegance in the demo story. Requires full battle animations as well.
FINISHED A knight captain
FINISHED A Karlate (knight in training). May want several versions of them with various amounts of armor on and slight variations
Unassigned A sprite set for the large Mak-ok hounds (movement frames are preferred but optional; we need at least standing/idle ones)
FINISHED Icons for all items, equipment, and skills to be used in the demo (refer to the Content section in this table)
FINISHED Introductory/Claudius theme - the first track played when Claudius and his friend are having a conversation at the beginning of the story
FINISHED Desert town theme - played when the player is inside the town
FINISHED Desert cave theme - theme ideas: dark, mysterious, dangerous
FINISHED Desert roaming theme - played the player is roaming outside in the desert sands
FINISHED Betrayal theme - played when Claudius is alerted that a thief (his friend) is to be pursued (note: might also be used as a battle theme)
FINISHED Battle theme - generic battle theme to be played throughout standard battles in the demo (if available, may want different themes for the desert and cave battles)
FINISHED Final battle theme - played during the last battle where Claudius must fight his friend after confirming that he is the thief (note: might use the betrayal theme for this)
Unassigned Surface walking sounds for: sand, rock, paved path, wooden floors, small grass
Rain Water running sounds for: medium size fountain, small river, babbling creek
Unassigned A couple different sounds for birds singing or crowing
Unassigned Sounds for sword training, both metal and wooden sword types
Rain Generic sounds for lively human chatter and gossip
Rain Some passive sounds for the Mak'ok hounds. Perhaps gentle panting, growling, whining
FINISHED Several forms of sword battle sounds for the knights in the demo (used both in and out of battles). Should include swipes, stabs, parrys.
Unassigned Sounds for human males receiving damage, "ugh", "arghh", etc.
FINISHED Appropriate attack sounds for the enemies to be encountered in the demo (probably large insects, skeletons, etc.)
Unassigned Appropriate damage received sounds for those enemies to be encountered in the demo
Rain Death sounds for both male humans and enemies
Rain Various "equip" sounds for swords and light armor
Rain GUI sounds for menu selection, confirmation, saving a game
Game Content
FINISHED A small desert map with a grassy hill used in the opening sequence (not revisited after the opening)
FINISHED A military outpost for the Karlate
Roots A vast desert environment consisting mostly of sand with a few sparse patches of light vegetation and rocks. Provide for a few small hidden treasures on the map (glimmers in the sand) and several enemy sprites. Enemies should be tougher and more numerous the farther away from the town that the player gets. Do not provide artificial barriers on the map edges; if the player approaches them we will script it so that Claudius says he shouldn't wander too far and send the player away from the map borders.
FINISHED A small desert cave map with mostly narrow passage ways. Floors should be mostly rock and dirt with some patches of sand. No vegetation. Some random insects and other creatures (non-combatants) should lurk around and avoid contact with the player. Enemies should be numerous with mediocre difficult and difficult to run past due to the narrow passages. Provide for some chasms with small bridges to cross and some light running water and small pools. The end of the cave should open up into a larger area surrounded partially by a long pit. Claudius will chase his friend through this cave and confront him at this end area. (Note: may want to make the end area its own separate map)
FINISHED Claudius, the main protaganist of the story. Needs full set of art, including sprites and portraits.
FINISHED Kyle, Claudius' friend and fellow Karlate. Joins the party at one point in the story, so he requires a full set of art as well.
FINISHED Knight captain, Claudius' superior and his teacher. Fights with Kyle near the end of the story and loses (falls to his death). Fight-scene is on-map and not in battle mode, so only some fighting animations are required for his sprite
FINISHED Karlates and knights, numerous soldiers in the training hall and interacted with as NPCs throughout the story
FINISHED NPC townspeople, including merchants with wares to sell
FINISHED Foes that roam the desert sand: scorpions, snakes
FINISHED Foes that roam the desert cave: snakes, spiders, slime
FINISHED A light healing potion
FINISHED Two swords of different strength (one by default), two breast plates, two helmets, at least one pair of gauntlets/gloves and greaves/leggings
FINISHED For Claudius, at least three different sword attack skills with various strength, speed, and special properties
FINISHED For Kyle, at least one attack skill (maybe two) and one defense or support skill. Some skills may be shared with Claudius, but he should have unique skills as well.
FINISHED For Claudius, at least one defense skill and one support skill
FINISHED Claudius/Kyle initial scene text: where the two are having a conversation on the hill
FINISHED Claudius/Kyle/Captain training hall text: when Claudius first reports to the training hall in the early stages of the demo
FINISHED Karlate/knight NPC dialogue: random information and conversations with other soldiers in the beginning of the demo
Brian Aloisi Townsfolk NPC dialogue: generic text spoken by the townspeople throughout the entire demo
FINISHED Scene: Claudius and other knights awoken to track down the thief who escaped into the cave
FINISHED Karlate/knight NPC dialogue: new dialogues for the soldiers after being sent on the thief capture mission
FINISHED Scene: where Captain corners the thief, Kyle, fights him, and falls
FINISHED Scene: Claudius arriving shortly after the captain falls and confronting Kyle
FINISHED Scene: The final scene after Claudius defeats Kyle in battle (mostly a monologue)