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This page is under development.

This page explains how you can troubleshoot and report problems that you encounter when running the game. Installation and compilation issues are not covered here.

Steps to Take[edit]

If you think that you've run into a problem, you should perform the following steps.

  1. Go to and search to see if someone else has already reported the issue
  2. Try to run into the problem more than once (is the issue reproduceable?)
  3. Run Allacrost in debug mode and see if any error or warning messages are printed out, especially when the problem occurs
  4. Ask Allacrost to print out information about your system
  5. Go to and file a bug report, providing as much detail and information about your system and the problem as possible

Running Allacrost in Debug Mode[edit]

Allacrost has a built-in debug mechanism that prints out diagnostic messages, warnings, errors, and other information. There exists a debug mechanism for several different portions of the game, for example video specifies to turn on debugging for the video engine, map enables debugging in the map exploration code, etc. Usually, you'll simply want to specify all when you enable debug mode so that all portions of the game have debugging enabled.

To enable debug mode:

  • On the command line: supply the program arguments --debug all or -d all for short.
  • Through a GUI environment: a GUI mechanism for enabling debug mode is not yet supported

The debug messages will continue to be printed from when the game starts to when it exits (even if it crashes). Debug messages are printed to standard output and standard error. Windows users will find the files stdout.txt and stderr.txt created as a result. To save these messages to a file on UNIX-type systems (including OS X and Linux), you can do the following:

./allacrost -d all > debug_text 2> debug_text

The command above will print all debug information to the file debug_text (it will not print it to the screen). This is useful if you have large debug message logs you wish to share in your post.

Printing System Information[edit]

Allacrost can report various pieces of information about your system (or more specifically, how Allacrost sees your system). This is useful in identifying any hardware, driver, or library issues that you may have with your machine. When you request Allacrost to print your system information, it will do so and immediately exit (the game itself will not be run).

To print information about your system:

  • On the command line: supply the program arguments --info or -i for short.
  • Through a GUI environment: a GUI mechanism for enabling debug mode is not yet supported

Filing Bug Reports[edit]

to be written