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This page details Allacrost Project's policies regarding advertisement practices and response to criticism. Any questions that may arise due to these policies can be directed at emrebfg AT

Straight and simple, the Allacrost Project does not and will not tolerate overtly aggressive and annoying advertisement practices. We are a FOSS project that is not out to earn a buck, but rather to have fun developing a game. If the game is popular, that is nice, but popularity does not define success. Therefore, self-promotion ads posted to websites, spam posts in forums advertising the game, and other such actions are not allowed. If a website forum has a specific area for announcements, such as's Your Announcements board, the team will post advertisements correlating to major releases. Individuals should not engage in direct advertisement on their own.

The best way for everyone to advertise is to leave a link and short description in their forum signatures and/or to use the HoA banner image. The banner image is:
File:Hoa banner.gif

Responding to Criticism

During the course of this project, we will be confronted by individuals who will make claims regarding our ability to finish this project, or who will take shots at our direction and what we want to do. This most commonly occurs during the recruitment process when we create exposure to our project while recruiting for the team. In these events, our policy regarding responding to criticism should be kept in mind.

Our policy is simple. If you feel the urge to respond to criticism, check your emotions and determine if you are responding because you are offended and you wish to be defensive. The best option in most situations when emotion is an overwhelming factor in a forum response is to not respond at all. Wait for your emotions to clear or allow another team member to respond. We do not want to appear immature in retaliation. Be objective, polite, and concise when addressing criticism.

We do not have a concern that staff members or contributors will react poorly to criticism, but would like to instate this policy as a precaution and a guide for dealing with inevitable criticism.