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This is a list of all of the people that have assisted with the development of Allacrost since the history of the project. To be included on this list, the work that the person in question contributed must have made an impact on the project at one point. This means either by having their work included in the curent release, or because their contribution was an inspiration into additional work that was done.

Current Staff

Alias Name Position (Area of Work) Location
Alenacat Victoria Smith Artist (map tiles) England, UK
Byaku Moises Ferrer Serra Programmer (audio engine) Valencia, Spain
Bludlust Steve Perva Programmer Kewanee, Illinois, USA
ChopperDave Andy Gardner Programmer (battle mode) Atlanta, GA
Drakkoon Guillaume Anctil Programmer (map mode) Quebec, Canada
EmreBFG Emre Motan Team Manager (administrator, webmaster) Naperville, IL
Gallivan Matt Gallivan Team Manager Alberta, Canada
Gorzuate Philip Vorsilak Programmer (map editor, administrator) West Lafayette, IN
Jam Jamie Sound Artist Glasgow, Scotland
Jetryl Richard Kettering Artist (map tiles, map sprites) Minnesota, USA
Linds Lindsay Roberts Programmer (video engine) Australia
Loodwig Joseph Rouse Musician Arizona
MindFlayer Viljami Korhonen Programmer (boot mode, battle mode) Kuopio / Tampere, Finland
Nunvuru Matthew James Web Designer, Artist (other)
Rain Ryan Reilly Musician Granz
Roots Tyler Olsen Programmer (core engine, map mode), Administrator, Story writer, Artist (misc) Austin, TX
Safir-Kreuz Brett Steele Artist (map sprites, traditional art) Virgina, USA
Shizeet Zhe Sound Mixer
Steu Daniel Steuernol Programmer (scripting), WikiMaster Toronto, Canada

Current Contributors

Alias Name Position (Area of Work) Location
Etherstar Aaron Smith Programmer Rhode Island, USA
DeveloperX Richard Marks Artist (map tiles) Harahan, LA
MoOshiCow DongHa Lee Programmer New Jersey, USA
Cornut Chris Cornett Programmer Arizona, USA
Eleazar John W. Bjerk Artist (map tiles) USA
IndigoShift Adam Black Artist (Concept) USA
Nickw Nick Weihs Programmer (video engine) Orland, FL
prophile Alastair Lynn Programmer Surrey, England
Ranger M Mark Goodenough Artist (map tiles, map sprites) England
Rujasu Jacob Rudolph Programmer West Chester, PA, USA
sam_justice Samuel Justice Sound Composer
SimonF Simon Frisch Musician New York, USA
Sylon Joe Raucci Artist (battle sprites), Traditional Artist
Viliam Viliam Búr Translator Bratislava, Slovakia
eguitarz Dale Ma Programmer (editor) Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)

Former Team Members

Alias Name Position (Area of Work) Location
Adarias Artist (map sprites, map tiles, concept)
Balthazar Administrator, programmer (battle mode)
BigPapaN0z Jerimiah Short Artist (map tiles) Indiana, USA
Biohazard Artist (computer graphic), Web Designer
CamelJockey Programmer (video engine)
Gloomcover Artist (map tiles)
Jonatron Artist (map sprites)
Hamiko Sound Artist
Kev82 Programmer (video engine)
Josiah Tobin Josiah Tobin Artist (map tiles)
Roos Programmer (video engine) Chicago, IL
Sadjester Programmer (battle mode)
Snipe714 Programmer (scripting)
StarPilot Musician
Valdroni Artist (concept, map sprites)
Venndetta1 Artist (concept)
Visage Corey Hoffstein Programmer (battle mode) USA
Wayfarer Artist (map sprites, menu design)
Whilke Bill Hilke Programmer (scripting) Los Angeles, CA
Wuntvor Matthias Schroeder Programmer (map editor) Hamburg, Germany
Zomby138 Artist (tradiational art)
Zorbfish Programmer (scripting)