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This page contains links to all of the music tracks that have been created explicitly for Allacrost. All music should be loaded on the staff FTP, and hence all links below should point to a location that is on the staff FTP.

Track Title Composer(s) FTP Link(s) Forum Thread(s)
Filename Intended Use Status
Allacrost Introduction Theme (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th is missing from the FTP! (1)
Allacrost_Introduction_Theme.ogg Boot screen Currently the 3rd revision is used in our build
Seeking New Worlds (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]]
Seeking_New_Worlds.ogg World Map Temporarily being used as the cave map for our game build
Folk Theme (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] - -
Save Menu (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] - -
Enchanted Forest (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] - -
Confrontation (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] - -
Allacrost Fanfare (tentative) [[User::Rain | Rain]] - -