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The Menu Mode consists of a few different views.

  • Main Party Overview
  • Inventory
  • Skills
  • Status/Equip
  • Options
  • Save

Design Issues

Size of the menu mode

The menu mode will show up in a subset of the full window. It will be 800x600 in the main 1024x768 window, or the equivalent ratio of whatever screen resolution the game is running on. The menu will be centered in the screen.

Inventory Categories

Items in the inventory will be organized according to what category they fall in to to make it easier for the player to find what he/she is looking for. In addition, we will wupport a sorting feature that will alphabetize the item list.

The current categories are:

All - self-explanatory
Field - Only items that can be used in menu mode
Battle - Only items that are useable in battle
Equipment - Armor, weapons, etc.
Key - Important story-related items

Icons/Text Equipment List

The list of equipment that is currently equipped will be text based and include icons for representing that type of equipment (i.e. a sword for a weapon).


Allows you to change which characters will be in your initial battle party.


This screen shows all the items the party has. It will use icons to tell the different items apart at a glance.

Sample pic: The contents of the bottom section is not finalized


This screen shows the skills the current character knows.


This screen gives an overview of the character.

Sample Pic (old design, combined equipment):

Sample Pic (new design):


This screen allows you to change your character's equipment.


This menu allows the user to change some game settings, such as audio volume. Should be moved to the game options menu.


Save your game. This may be moved to the game options menu instead.