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This wiki serves as a content portal for the game Hero of Allacrost. If you are unfamiliar with wikis, consult the MediaWiki User's Guide. The table below is organized to help you find what you are looking for based on your relationship to the project (player, artist, designer, and so on). You can also try using the search bar or browsing the list of all pages in this wiki.

For Players
Installation instructions for all platforms

Compiling Instructions : only necessary if you plan to build the game from the source code yourself
Game controls : lists the supported input devices and default button/key configurations
Game Manual : a very brief manual explaining the basics of the game as well as the various modes of play

For the Development Team
Roadmap, New Contributors, Statement of Purpose, Design Document
For Programmers
New Programmers, Programmer Main Page, Code Standard, Code Documentation, Mercurial Repository
For Artists
New Artists, Artist Main Page, Artwork Standards, Artwork Style, Artwork Categories
For Musicians
New Musicians, Music Standards, Music Style
For Writers
New Writers, Novel Writing, Game Writing, Writing Effectively, Editing Process
For Translators
New Translators, Translator Guide
For Game Designers
New Game Designers, Game Designer Main Page, Map Design Standards, Battle Scripting, Game Balancing
For Release Managers
Release Packaging
For Team Leaders
Team Leaders, Crediting, Public Relations Policies
Miscellaneous Project Information
People Involved, Allacrost Development History, Software Used
Online Services