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This page contains a list of the libraries needed to build and play Hero of Allacrost as well as use the map editor. The Library Issues section details common problems the user may have with these libraries and how they may get around it.

Current Release Dependencies[edit]

The table below contains all of the library dependencies for the most current release of Allacrost.

Full Name Abbreviated Name Version Required Website Purpose of Use
Simple DirectMedia Layer SDL 2.* user input, threads, timing, window management
Open Graphics Library OpenGL  ??? graphics and visuals
PNG Graphics Library libpng 1.2.12 handling of .png images
JPEG Graphics Library libjpeg 6b handling of .jpg images
SDL TrueType Font Library SDL_ttf 2.* font rendering
Open Audio Library OpenAL 1.1 audio playback
Vorbis libvorbis 1.1.2 ogg music decoding
Lua Programming Libraries lua 5.1 scripting language
Boost Headers boost 1.42 C++ source libraries, required by LuaBind for compilation only
Qt GUI Library Qt 4.* GUI in map editor
gettext gettext 0.14.5 game text translation