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This page explains how to install the game Hero of Allacrost. The installation process is dependent on which operating system your computer is using.



Install Hero of Allacrost from ports collection:

cd /usr/ports/games/allacrost
make install clean



To use the Debian package, please perform the following steps.

  1. Add one of the following entries in your /etc/apt/sources.list, depending on which version of Debian you are running:
    • Debian Etch (stable):
      deb etch-backports main
    • Debian Lenny/Sid (testing/unstable):
      deb unstable main
  2. The repository is signed, and packages can be checked using this gpg key. To enable the verification, you can simply run this command:
    wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
  3. Finally, execute the following command. After the installation is complete, you can start the game by typing allacrost at the command line.
    apt-get update && apt-get install allacrost-demo


Download the OS X version of our latest build from our Sourceforge page. Unzip the file and mount the dmg. Drag the .app bundle to your Applications directory. Unmount the dmg, and double-click on Allacrost to play.


Download and execute the Windows installer of our latest build from our Sourceforge page.

Building and Installing from Source

Installing from source means you will have to grab the "source" release tarball (.tar.gz file) and compile the game yourself.

GNU/Linux and OS X

Inside a terminal, execute the following commands from inside the allacrost/ directory:

autoreconf -i
./configure && make
sudo make install

Note that "make install" is optional, and you must run it as root, or use sudo. You can run allacrost from within the source allacrost/ directory by running "./allacrost".


Code::Blocks and MinGW

This is written for SVN, and will not work for Demo 0.2.2 or earlier.

You will need the Code::Blocks IDE set up with a working MinGW installation. The version of MinGW that comes bundled with the IDE may or may not work, but 3.4.5 or later should work fine.

You will need the most recent Allacrost dependency archive. The last known svn version to compile with this archive is svn 1743, which is current as of February 2010.

Check out the current SVN trunk (instructions). Unzip the dependency file into the "demo" directory, so that it now contains an "allacrost-win32-depends" directory in addition to dat, doc, img, mus, src, et cetera.

Open "allacrost.workspace" in Code::Blocks, make sure the target is set to "Debug Win32" or "Release Win32," and build the Allacrost project. Find something to occupy your time, as the initial build will take a while. Once this is finished, assuming there are no errors you should be able to run the program. Note that the Map Editor project is not yet ready and will fail to build, even though the editor builds properly on Linux.

Visual Studio (VS) 2005/2008

The Visual Studio projects are currently not working. Please post in our forums if you would like to help us get the project building under Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.

Load the Allacrost VS Project file, Allacrost.vcproj. It is in the root directory of the source archive.

Download develop package from, and add them to proper include and lib directories in vs2005.

At last, you have to copy all dll files to your project directory. (you can find those in allacrost windows demo directory, download from sourceforge)

This does not include the map editor, you have to install QT (kind of windows programming framework) for compiling that. Currently we're using QT 4.3.

For step by step instructions look here:

MinGW (from Linux)

These are instructions for cross-compiling Allacrost for Windows from Linux. You will need mingw installed on a Linux machine. In Debian or Ubuntu, this is as simple as "aptitude install mingw32".

You will need an Allacrost dependency archive. For latest stable, Demo 0.2.2, or latest svn. The last known svn version to compile with this archive is svn 1743.

Unzip your dependency file into your home directory. Now change to the root directory of your Allacrost source archive (ie ~/svn/allacrost/demo/). Execute the following:

autoreconf -i