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"Game designer" is a term that has a different meaning for many game development teams. For this project, we define a game designer as someone who assembles the work that programmers, artists, musicians, and writers create. They combine together this technology and content to create the environments that the players experience in the game.

Designer Overview

New Game Designers
Information for new game designers that are looking to get started.

Using Free Content
Where to acquire free content and how to provide proper accreditation.

An overview of the properties of actors, equipment, and skills.

An explanation of all of the formulas available that are commonly used in battles.

Map Editing

Map editing means creating maps using tiles and sprites. It does not include the scripting effort that is required to make those environments come alive. Allacrost has it's own custom map editor, which is the tool you will use for creating new maps and making changes to existing ones.

Map Fundamentals
An explanations of how maps in Allacrost are put together and what considerations need to be made when designing maps.

Tileset Creation
Recommendations for organizing tile images within a tileset file and using the editor to set tileset properties.

Map Design Standards
Advice on how to design maps.

Using the Map Editor
Instructions on how to use Allacrost's custom map editor.

Data Editing

Data editing means to define the properties of various objects in the game. Almost all data are stored in Lua files within the /dat directory.

Character Editing

Enemy Editing

Inventory Editing

Skill Editing


Writing Map Scripts
Making maps designed in the editor come alive by adding sprites, events, visual effects, and more.

Writing Battle Scripts
Adding dialogue or other special effects to battles.

Writing Shop Scripts
Explains how to appropriately design shops.

Balancing and Testing

Game Balancing
General guidelines on how to effectively balance the game.

Test Interface
How to access the test interface to test new maps, battles, etc. Also includes information on how to write your own tests.

Game Testing
How to test everything related to changes and additions that game designers make.

Related Information

Details about the next release that we are working toward, including a list of artwork that needs to be created.

Compilation Instructions
Learn how to compile the game from scratch on your system.

Design forum
The design section of the Allacrost forums. This is the place to go to discuss most matters related to your design work.