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This page serves as a quick reference to the commands and controls available for Hero of Allacrost. To understand how to use these controls to play the game or how to configure a gamepad/joystick or re-map the keyboard keys, please refer to the Game Manual.

Input Devices[edit]

The game can be played with one of the following three devices:

  • computer keyboard
  • a gamepad
  • a joystick

These input devices are not mutually exclusive; You may input commands simulatenously on the keyboard and the gamepad/joystick while playing the game if you so desire (playing the game in this manner is not usually recommended). Note that you need seven buttons available (in addition to a d-pad or joystick axis) in order to use the device to input all of the standard Allacrost. However even if you do not have a total of seven buttoms available, you can use the keyboard for the commands that you could not map to your joystick.

The game can not be played using a computer mouse. While the mouse cursor is over the application window the cursor will disappear. However, the mouse may be used to modify the application window (minimize, etc.) when the game is not in full-screen mode and it may also be used to register a quit event by clicking on the "close" button for the application window.

Standard Input Commands[edit]

The following table lists the standard set of 11 commands (including the 4 movement commands) used to play the game. This table also includes the default set of keyboard keys that are mapped to each command, which may be re-mapped by the user while in the game.

Command Name General Action Default Keyboard Key
Up Move sprite or cursor upwards 'up arrow'
Down Move sprite or cursor downwards 'down arrow'
Left Move sprite or cursor to the left 'left arrow'
Right Move sprite or cursor to the right 'right arrow'
Confirm Confirm selection of an action or menu command 'f'
Cancel Cancel selection of an action or menu command 'd'
Menu Display a selection menu 's'
Swap Swap the placement of items, sprites, etc. 'a'
Left Select Various uses 'w'
Right Select Various uses 'e'
Pause Pause/unpause the game 'spacebar'
Quit Brings up the quit menu to exit the game ESC
Table 1. Allacrost Standard Input Commands

Meta Input Commands[edit]

There are also several meta input commands ('Ctrl + key') to perform various application-related functions. Unlike the standard commands, you can not map these commands onto a gamepad or joystick: they can only be accessed using the keyboard. Also unlike the standard input commands, the keys for each of these commands can not be re-mapped by the player.

Command Name Command Action Meta-Key
Full-screen Toggle Toggles between running the game in full-screen mode and windowed mode 'Ctrl + f'
Quit Registers a quit event to the game 'Ctrl + q'
FPS Display Toggles the display of the frames per second in the upper-right hand corner 'Ctrl + r'
Screenshot Takes a screenshot and saves it to a file 'Ctrl + s'
Texture Sheet Display Displays and cycles through the texture sheets 'Ctrl + t'
Table 2. Allacrost Meta Input Commands

The two commands that a player is most likely to use are the Full-screen toggle and Quit Game commands.