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With any game under development, there comes some terminology that would be unfamiliar to a neophyte. This page serves as a "dictionary" for the common acronyms, sayings, and idioms floating around the development of Allacrost.

"Heroes of Allacrost"[edit]

This term, coined by Rain and Sylon and first heard in January 2006, is a nickname for the Allacrost development team. Each individual team member is a "Hero of Allacrost".


MAPS is an acronym which stands for "Multiple Attack Point System". It refers to one of the most original and distinguished battle features in Allacrost, in which a player may target a specific location on an enemy (on the arm, leg, torso, head, etc.) and likewise be targeted by foes in multiple locations. It was originally proposed by Roots in June 2004, when Allacrost was first founded, who first thought of the concept in 1995, when he was still 13 years old.

To "pull a sadjester"[edit]

This term comes from the actions of sadjester, a former staff member. This staff member did (or didn't do) several things that ultimately resulted in his termination. First, immediately upon being granted access to the CVS, he altered every single header and source file with #define directives and other things he thought were "important" in addition to commiting the entire SDL code base. He was assigned the battle code and for several months, made absolutely no progress on it. He was always idle in the Allacrost development IRC channel, yet almost never responded. Finally, whenever he was confronted he would claim that he was working on it and would have something to show in a few days, but never produced anything.

Because of these actions, after his termination the term "pulling a sadjester" came to exist within the development team. It is a rather ambiguous phrase and can refer to several different things:

  • Being unexplainably idle and/or unresponsive for very long periods of time
  • Repeatedly making empty promises
  • Performing some major alteration to a large set of work without first consulting the parties with which the work directly affects