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Since its inception, the Allacrost project has never had a design document despite many game development sources citing that the creation of a design doc is the first critical step to developing a successful game. Instead, the ideas, features, and concepts of Allacrost are scattered throughout past threads on the forums. Eventually, we hope to organize all of that information here to provide a complete view of what Allacrost is and what it will be. Until that time, this page remains a place-holder.

Character and Object Properties

Documents the statistics and properties of playable characters as well as items and armaments.

Boot Screen

Battle System Explains the mechanics behind the battle system as well as the battle user interface.

Map Exploration A page documenting how a player may explore and interact with maps in the game.

Menu Interface

Shopping Interface

General Features

General Description Hero of Allacrost is a sprite-based, two-dimensional role-playing game.
Pricing Allacrost will always to be free to download and play.
Supported Systems Mac OS X (PPC and x86 systems), Linux, Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/Vista, FreeBSD
System Requirements TBA. Should be able to run on much older machines.
Supported Resolutions 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 (recommended)
Licensing Both source code and media will be offered under the GNU GPL version 2.
Release Model Offered for download on the internet. Game will be released in several 20-30 minute sections of gameplay called "modules".
Multiplayer Support None.
Game Length Planned to be somewhere on the order of 40 hours.

Map Exploration

Layout Constructed from 32x32 pixel tile images and variable size objects
Perspective 3/4s downward perspective
Movement Free-range motion (reference: Chrono Trigger)
Enemy Encounters Enemy silhouette sprites roam on the map in predefined areas and approach, ignore or avoid the player. Collision results in a fight. Defeated enemies respawn after a short time.
Dialogues Major characters have portraits. Support for multiple characters taking part in a single conversation.
Dungeons Contain several enemies, traps, treasures and puzzles.
Puzzles TBD. Dune
Treasure Discovery TBD.
Save System Save anywhere on any map. Re-loading saved game will automatically return player to nearest town (reference: Zelda series)

Battle System

Layout Full-screen background image, possibly with animations. Player sprites occupy left side while enemies occupy the right.
Perspective On-looking side perspective.
Battle Size Up to 4 character on battle screen. Multiple enemies (as many as 15) may be placed depending on space available.
Status Effects
Elemental Effects Physical: Slicing, Smashing, Mauling, Piercing Metaphysical: Fire, Water, Volt, Earth

Party Management


Summary A young soldier is sent to find a legendary hero mentioned in old legends in response to an attack on his kingdom from a mysterious, unknown army of demons.
Creation Written in novel format with numerous chapters. The story as experienced in the game is based off this novel, but does not need to follow it strictly.
Purpose The purpose of the story is to motivate the player to complete objectives and entertain their imagination.
Emphasis Being a role-playing game, the story plays an integral part in providing a complete and fun experience to the players. A heavy emphasis is placed on the story of Allacrost for this reason and additionally because Allacrost lacks features of more modern, technically advanced games
Themes The major themes that will be emphasized in the story include: interpersonal relationships, conflicting decisions over making the "correct" choice, dealing with unfamiliar and intense beliefs and customs, and questions over the meanings of justice and righteousness. In general, these themes are very deep and are tailored to a mature, adult audience.
Portrayal Portrayed in-game through various passive and interactive cut-scenes. Most story telling will take place on local area maps, but it will also be present in battles and other places as well.