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This page explains the steps required if you wish to compile the game and/or editor from the source code. Each major operating system (Linux, OS X, Windows) uses a different procedure to compile the game. This page assumes that you already have the appropriate source downloaded and does not describe that process. Refer to either Subversion Repository for how to grab the absolute latest source, or Download Instructions to download the latest source release package.

Note: We typically support one and only one build system for each operating system. If you wish to use an alternative system, such as CMake or VisualStudio, you will need to create those build configurations yourself.

Linux Instructions

Allacrost uses the GNU Autotools build system to compile the source code. Before you begin, refer to the Library Dependencies page and make sure that your system has all of the necessary libraries installed. You will need both the run-time libraries and the development libraries for each dependency. For example, in Ubuntu there is a libsdl package as well as a libsdl-dev package for the SDL library. Note that you do not need to install the Luabind library, as that library is included in and compiled automatically along with the Allacrost source code.

1) Move to the directory where you downloaded the Allacrost source to

cd ~/games/allacrost

2) Run the following command to generate the configure script

autoreconf -i

3) Run the configure script. It will tell you if you have any unmet library dependencies.


4) Run make to build the source. This will take several minutes.


5) Run Allacrost or the Allacrost editor


Here are some additional tips:

  • After running make, you can run make install to install the application on your system. This is not advised if you retrieved the source via the code repository. Installing from an official packaged release is okay.
  • When running the configure script, you may wish to omit building of the editor via adding the -disable-editor option. This is useful if you are having problems with meeting all the QT library dependencies, but don't need to fix them as you do not intend to use the editor.
  • When running the configure script, you can turn on debugging symbols by adding the option -enable-debug. This option is useful to have enabled if you are a developer or intend to help with some debugging efforts
  • When running allacrost, you can add a debug option so that the game will print various warnings and other information to the screen as it runs. <t>-d all is most common and prints out all debugging information, but you can also enable debugging for only specific components, such as -d audio or --debug battle. -d and --debug are equivalent.

Windows Instructions

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OS X Instructions

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