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The links on this page contain information useful for anyone interested in creating, improving, or otherwise understanding the art content found in Hero of Allacrost.

Artist Overview

New Artists
Information for artists that are new to the project and wish to know what role they could play.

Artist Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to some of the most frequent questions that we receive from our artists.

Creating Artwork

Artwork Style
A brief explanation of the artistic styles and ambiance of the game.

Artwork Standards
Describes the technical aspects of artwork files and how to properly handle effects like lighting and shadows.

Artwork Categories
A list of all of the various type of artwork that can be found in the game, their requirements, and a handful of examples.

Related Information

Details about the next release that we are working toward, including a list of artwork that needs to be created.

Artwork forum
The artwork section of the Allacrost forums. This is where we typically share artwork in production and discuss other topics related to art.

Using Free Content
Describes the motivations and criteria for using outside sources of free artwork in Allacrost.