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Every project has its interesting quotes and sayings, and Allacrost is no different. This page serves as a repository for the most interesting, funny, or noteworthy phrases that have come out of people's mouths (or rather, typed on a keyboard). Quotes may be from the Allacrost forums, chat logs, e-mails, IMs, or wherever else. Use the template below to enter a quote.

Note: Do try to remember to log our funny moments every now and then. MindFlayer needs these quotes badly! (They might be used in the Credits-screen)
Entry Template
Person(s) involved:
Date of remark:
Communication medium:

''quote follows''

Person(s) involved: ChopperDave, Jetryl
Date of remark: 06/01/2007
Communication medium: Forum -
Jetryl: Remember what they say about premature optimization?
ChopperDave: Girls don't like it? :D
Jetryl: ChopperDave FTW. :bow:

Person(s) involved: ChopperDave, ChopperDave_, gorzuate, Jetryl, MindFlayer
Date of remark: 04/29/2007
Communication medium: IRC

ChopperDave_ joined the chat room.
ChopperDave_ was granted voice by ChanServ.
ChopperDave_: crapola
gorzuate: lol
ChopperDave_: internets died, and now theres two of me
MindFlayer: hah
gorzuate: make the other one speak
MindFlayer: yeah
ChopperDave_: cant, hes shy
gorzuate: that's what i thought
• MindFlayer slaps ChopperDave
ChopperDave_: hahaha
ChopperDave_: what a bitch
MindFlayer: he didn't react
Jetryl: Gorzuate could kick him.
ChopperDave_: he has the power
You kicked ChopperDave_ from the chat room. (gorzuate)
MindFlayer: but which one
MindFlayer: :D
Jetryl: lol.
MindFlayer: gorz...
ChopperDave_ joined the chat room.
ChopperDave_ was granted voice by ChanServ.
ChopperDave_: wrong one
gorzuate: hrm
MindFlayer: haha
gorzuate: oops
Jetryl: lol.

Person(s) involved: Roots Date of remark: 01/6/2007 Communication medium: Forum

I changed the name of Lambdor's capital from Fallus to Arisophia. Hopefully its not another unintentional naming to a sexual organ. :heh:

Person(s) involved: Roots, MindFlayer Date of remark: 09/05/2006 Communication medium: IRC

<MindFlayer> Hahah that's the best: I love perverted polls.....and nacho cheese!
<Roots> I'm feeling creative tonight :)
<MindFlayer> I can see that
<MindFlayer> That'll definitely go to my "things to remember"-folder :)
<Roots> you mean the quote board on the wiki?
<MindFlayer> nope, my own special folder where all of the Allacrost wierdness goes
<MindFlayer> I hope I can someday send you all to a lunatic asylum ;)
<Roots> lol

Person(s) involved: visage Date of remark: 03/21/2006 Communication medium: IRC

<visage> I enjoyed Runescape for a while, and then I realized "wait, all I do is login, mine shit, sell it, and make virtual gold"
<visage> so instead of making fake gold
<visage> now I just play the stock market and make real money =D

Person(s) involved: nunvuru Date of remark: 05/19/2006 Communication medium: IRC

<nunvuru> slapping is never a problem, you ever need one, you come see me, tell me that I sent you

Person(s) involved: Roots & Staff Date of remark: ??/??/200? Communication medium: Forum

Should we hire another Tyler?
Strongly approve (0%)
Approve (0%)
Disapprove (20%)
Strongly disapprove (20%)
Mmmm, Tyler... (60%)

Person(s) involved: MindFlayer, Roots, visage Date of remark: 07/04/2006 Communication medium: IRC

< MindFlayer> and would it be better to call chest a 'torso' instead? That's what I'd call it :)
< MindFlayer> or I dunno really
< visage> damnit mindflayer
< MindFlayer> :p
< visage> this isn't a funocracy
< Roots> Torso is fine with me. Body is rather encompassing of the whole (legs + arms + head + tail + torso + etc = body)
< visage> yeah, I agree
< visage> at least I didn't put "Tra la la", which was one of the body parts on the skeleton while I was testing it
< MindFlayer> :)
< visage> I spent a good deal of time attacking his "tra la la"
< MindFlayer> eww
< visage> =\
< MindFlayer> I'm glad I put that extra-nick for you in the Credits in one earlier commit :devil:
< visage> oh, mind flayer, the easter eggs I will add about you
< visage> lets just say...they wont be flattering

< MindFlayer> oh my. I think I just started a war =D

Person(s) involved: fydo, Roots Date of remark: 07/17/2007 Communication medium: IRC < fydo> hey, i'm going to be working on the rear view of the old_lady tonight (that sounds so wrong)