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This page contains the major events that have happened throughout the history of Allacrost development. A "major" event is one that involves part of the game reaching a major milestone or decision decision, when a staff member arrives to or departs from the team, and other important happenings. Events are purposely made brief in the interest of not making this page overly verbose. The events are listed in chronological order and are sorted into yearly quarters and months. Events to which a particular day is unknown are placed approximately in between other known events that occured around the same time.

Quarter 3, 2004[edit]


--: New staff joining this month: Roots, gorzuate, Biohazard, StarPilot, Balthazar

10: Roots writes a short story, to eventually become the prologue to Hero of Allacrost

15: Game is decided to be called "Hero of Allacrost"

15: The domain is purchased and the first version (1.0) of the Allacrost website is put online

16: The Allacrost forums are created

18: The website is re-designed and much more content is included. This becomes version 2.0 of the Allacrost site


--: New staff joining this month: hamiko, zomby138, kev82, Venndetta1

04: The first version of the audio engine, using SDL_mixer is completed.

05: A primitive first version of the video engine is written that did simple image manipulation.

14: After days of discussion, a decision is reached to design the video engine in OpenGL rather than using the current software SDL rendering.

31: Allacrost became a registered project at SourceForge, it's project page being at


--: New staff joining this month: Rain, Valdroni

21: The first major, large-scale commit of code is made to the Allacrost CVS repository.


--: New staff joining this month: sadjester, Adarias

12: Allacrost is compiled and successively ran, for the first time, on a Windows machine.

Quarter 4, 2004[edit]




--: New staff joining this month: CamelJockey

13: Main website redesign completed

Quarter 1, 2005[edit]


--: New staff joining this month: snipe714, Safir-Kreuz, BigPapaN0z

12: The programming team decides to use time-based movement in the Allacrost engine and begins its implementation.


--: New staff joining this month: gloomcover

01: Our first public screenshots were released

04: Our first music release: In Search Of Truth

06: Revised edition of prologue released

09: Allacrost's second website design is released


26: Prologue translated to Finnish

Quarter 2, 2005[edit]


--: New staff joining this month: Loodwig, Sylon

29: More music is publicly released



10: Allacrost celebrated its one year anniversary! Happy birthday to us!

17: A reward for our dedicated followers: a members-only section titled "Design" on the forums to help us out with some design decisions.

Quarter 3, 2005[edit]


--: New staff joining this month: roos



--: New staff joining this month: visage, nunvuru

09: Committed new configuration and make setup

Quarter 4, 2005[edit]




Quarter 1, 2006[edit]


--: New staff joining this month: MindFlayer, Steu, Josiah Tobin, Jonatron, and Zorbfish

01: An aggressive hiring campaign is started, ultimately netting the staff three new programmers and three new artists

07: The audio engine is re-written to use OpenAL in place of SDL_Mixer

12: Allacrost wiki is born

13: Map loading and saving implemented in the map editor

22: Face portraits for Claudius and Laila completed


--: New staff joining this month: alenacat, shizeet

03: Desert cave tileset complete

26: Pathfinding and sprite action processing implemented in map mode

26: Tile database management functional in map editor

26: Map editor starts using OpenGL