Official Release: Demo 1.0.2

Official releases are finished products that are stable, balanced, and contain no major bugs. Most players will want to consume this version of the game.

Development Release: June 2015

Development releases are snapshots of the current state of the game. They are often incomplete and untested, but release more frequently than our official releases.


Latest releases of both official and development branches are available from the project's BitBucket page.
Older official releases can be found archived on our old SourceForge page.

Here is some various information about our release files and other ways to play the game.
  • Only the most recent development release is provided. All past and present official releases can still be downloaded.
  • The development release files will have the word "dev" in the filename, so make sure you check the name of the file you are downloading.
  • Installers are provided for the Windows and OS X releases.
  • The files with the name "source" in their filename are meant to be compiled and installed on Linux systems
  • Although we officially only support Allacrost on Windows, OS X, and Linux, it has been proven that it can run on other systems like FreeBSD as well.
  • You may find external sites and stores where Allacrost is available. We do not build these packages, so only acuire them from these sources if you trust them.
  • Allacrost is provided free-of-charge. Do not attempt to pay for it on another website. Please let us know if you discovering somewhere that is illegally selling our product.


  1. After the download completes, run the executable file.
  2. Follow the directions in the installer and select a location to install Allacrost.
  3. Launch the game or editor after installation completes.
  1. After the download completes, run the .dmg file.
  2. Follow the directions in the installer and select a location to install Allacrost.
  3. Launch the game or editor after installation completes.
Linux (source)
  1. After the download completes, open up a terminal and change the directory to where you downloaded the file.
  2. Unpack the tarball with the following command: untar -xvzf [file_name].tar.gz. The files will be placed in a new directory created in the current folder. Type cd [new_directory]>.
  3. Enter the following string of commands to compile, build, and install the game and editor: ./configure && make && make install
  4. You may now execute allacrost and allacrost-editor from the command line.


Upon starting the game for the first time, a screen will pop up to display the controls. You can use either your keyboard or configure a gamepad or joystick to play Allacrost. Navigate to the options menu on the boot screen and change any audio, video, or language settings to your liking. Then select "New Game" from the boot screen to begin your adventure.

More Information

If you wish to read more information about installing or playing the game, the following sources can provide you with answers.
  • Compilation Instructions are on the wiki if you are attempting to build the game from the source files
  • Installation Instructions on the wiki provide a little more information about the various methods and sources to download and install the game
  • Game Controls is a list of the primary control inputs as well as a list of secondary commands used to display FPS, take screenshots, or other operations
  • Game Manual provides more information about the game itself, the setting, and the gameplay.
  • Read the file titled README in the release package that you download for useful information.