Valyria Tear

Submitted by Roots on Thu, 11/08/2012 - 00:28

The blog post that I mentioned that I would make previously can be found in the right margin, or you can read it by simply clicking here. It discusses the why and how the project has reached this state and my personal ideas for how to prevent it from reaching this low in the future.

But what I want to talk about today is a new RPG project in the works called Valyria Tear. It was created by Yohann Ferreira (Bertram) with assitance from his wife. As you can see from the video below, it looks very similar to Hero of Allacrost. That's because Bertram was a new member of our team just before the project went silent, and he felt it was a waste for such a promising project as Allacrost to lay as it did, so he forked the project into Valyria Tear. He has my full support and it makes me extremely happy that our work has now given spawn to two games instead of just one.

Valyria Tear Gameplay Video

You can read more about the Valyria Tear (VT) development on the official blog here: Bertram has done a great job at adding a number of improvements to the Allacrost code he started from, and he did this work mostly by himself. The video highlights many of those improvements as several are graphical in nature. His work will be backported into Allacrost, so VT and Allacrost can mutually benefit from one another. There will be a lot of similarities between the games both in their design and their content, but they should diverge further apart over time to feel like more unique games in their own right. Thanks to Bertram and VT, it would seem that Allacrost development hasn't been completely dead after all. Rather, it took on a new form.

I learned about VT as I was thinking about how to get Allacrost off the ground again. There's a lot of dust to clean off, and many aspects of this project lay in disorganization. There are usability issues on our forums, a half-written wiki, a stale and seldom used bugtracker, and more problems. After thinking about the situation, I've decided to lend my talents to the VT project for the time being. Working on VT is akin to working on Allacrost, and there is a lot of momentum going over there right now. While I work on VT, I'm going to spend part of my time cleaning up our project here. That includes fixing the problems with our online services, organizing our content and data and getting a handle on what we need to do, and generally making preparations for an active team again. I don't think diving right back in to development on Allacrost would be the best decision right now with the disorganized mess we've got.

I don't know how long I'll be working on VT for or when I'll officially open Allacrost back up for business yet. It depends on when the time will "feel right" to me. I do want to help VT see through it's first release, which should be coming up soon I believe. I'd also like to encourage that anyone who is eager to work on Allacrost come join me on the VT team for the time being. Helping VT is helping Allacrost at this point in time. Of course if you want to volunteer to help me re-populate our wiki or write documentation, I'd be more than happy to accept any assistance there. When I come back to working on Allacrost full time, I'll of course announce it on our site here and start asking for people to join or rejoin the effort.

I hope you're excited about the possiblities with Valyria Tear working alongside Allacrost as it's sister project. I sure am. I feel like we're going to be finally tapping into the true potential of open source game development in the coming weeks and months. We hope that you continue to support both Hero of Allacrost and now Valyria Tear as well.