July 2011 Development Release

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 09:00

Tonight we're happy to make a new development release available. You can grab it by going to our Sourceforge page and opening the "development releases" folder, or simply follow this link.

We've decided to change our nomenclature of "unstable" releases to "development" releases. This is because we simply felt that it was a more suitable term for describing what these releases are: a snapshot of the state of the game while it is still in development. All the same old caveats apply:

  • These releases are works of progress and are not completed
  • You may encounter various bugs throughout the game
  • There could be pieces of media that are missing or incomplete
  • A substantial portion of the text encountered in game may be placeholder
  • Translation files are not updated and thus running the game in a non-English language will have missing translated text

Here's the list of major changes in this release from our last.

  • The boss fight at the end of the cave leads to a short dialogue and transitions the player outside of the cave back to the opening desert map
  • The opening map has a new event sequence where the knights head back to their home from the cave
  • The Harrvah city map is available for the player to roam around on (this map is largely incomplete)
  • Smart camera panning on maps has been included
  • Several scripted sequences have been updated in the cave map
  • The GUI in battle has been updated to make damage numbers and status easier to see
  • A battle tutorial has been added that is triggered when the player encounters their first battle (the player may choose to skip this if they like)
  • Dialogues are now able to be scripted into battles (this is used for the battle tutorial)
  • Battles may now be scripted, though this functionality is not yet being used except for the battle tutorial
  • The battle system has been updated so that commands can be entered for characters prior to when they need to begin executing them
  • The bottom right area of the battle screen now shows the selected action and target of each character
  • The save/load screen has been updated to provide a preview of the file being saved or loaded
  • A confirmation prompt is given when saving or loading a game, and a dialogue indicating success or failure is provided when saving a file
  • Some improvements were made to address performance issues that were observed on integrated Intel graphics card and other lower end systems

The changes to the battle system we would definitely like to receive feedback on. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have an active discussion going on about this on our forums, and this is our first release that demonstrates the first results of that conversation. Basically, with this release you can enter commands for the characters while they are in their "idle" state, which is when their icon is in the yellow region of the stamina bar that is situated on the right side of the screen. This allows the battle to flow more smoothly, rather than being a game of "stop and go" where the action stops whenever your character needs to have a command selected and otherwise you are just sitting there watching the action play out. Its a different approach and felt rather weird to me at first, but I've grown used to it. We've gotten various feedback about it in our community, some of it positive and some if it critical. We really need more opinions so we can lead this design in the right direction. So head over to the discussion topic here and lend your voice after trying it out.

Thanks for checking in with us. We might have another surprise coming soon, so keep that in mind. Till next time.