June 2011 Unstable Release

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 06/13/2011 - 04:15

Its been a long time since our last unstable release and today we're happy to break the trend of silence. Head over to our sourceforge page and you'll find unstable releases for Windows, OSX, and Linux/source. In case you're new to this concept or you forgot what an "unstable" release is, they are basically development snapshots that are meant to allow interested parties to observe our current state of progress. We try to polish them up a bit so that things aren't too incredibly chaotic, but they do contain many unresolved bugs, missing features and artwork, etc. Its a little hard to put together a changelist, since this release is part of an entirely new product (the full game instead of a demo). Here are some of the major new additions you can see through this release.

Two brand new maps with many scripted events that develop the beginning plot of the main story
Enter/exit sequences in battle to smooth the transition from map exploration to battle execution
Better display of battle damage and status indicator text and images
Receiving damage causes a brief stun on the stamina bar, allowing you to delay opponents actions slightly
New skills available to use, some of which can target an entire party
Attack points have specific stat modifiers (for defense and evasion)
Targeting certain attack points may invoke status effects. For example, targeting legs to reduce agility
Enemy's are no longer "leveled up" to match the party's strength
If the player loses a battle, they have the option to restart the battle from the beginning, taking a penalty on XP/drunes earned upon victory
Two new enemies to fight, one of which is a boss-type

A few miscellaneous notes about this particular release:

It is not balanced at all, and currently all battles are extremely easy.
I'm not sure if the save functionality works, but even if it does you shouldn't need to use it
Don't try to mix saved games of this release with those of past releases, because it likely will cause problems and may crash the game
We left the "debug" options on the main menu for you to play around with if you like. These are: "Menu, Battle, Shop" and will take you to those respective environments. There are Lua (text) files which can be modified to change the properties of these modes as well (if you'd like to know how, ask us on the forums)
There are a few pieces of placeholder art in this release
If you're experiencing any input issues, there's a forum thread detailing the problem and instructions for how to enable a temporary solution that was put in place for this release. This problem seems to be rare, thankfully.

Now our plan going forward is to attempt to try and make a new unstable release every month until we make the official release. This, however, is not a promise and it totally depends on the state of progress that the project is under. If we can maintain our current level of progress, it shouldn't be difficult for us to keep making these releases on a monthly basis. With that, we hope you enjoy this progress snapshot release and continue to look forward to more. If you have any comments, questions, or problems regarding the release, either post on our forums or join our IRC channel and we'll be glad to help you out. Thanks!