Wrapping up this May

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 05/30/2011 - 01:05

May is coming to an end and it has been the first full month since this project's re-awakening. We've had a handful of people join our team this month and make some great contributions, although our team remains a small and focused one. Despite this size, this month marks in the top three of the most active periods during the history of the project, as measured by the number of SVN commits.

On a related note, Allacrost has a page at Ohloh, a site which tracks and monitors the state of open source projects. You can find the Allacrost page here. On the main page you can see an visual analysis of our codebase. A good way to check our progress is to view the "Commits" tab on the code analysis graph. Generally speaking, the more commits there are for a given period of time, the more active the project has been. And if you're wondering why the code base seemingly doubled in size last month, that's because it did. We created a new development trunk for the game at that time and left the demo trunk intact for any future work we may do there.

We're still struggling on the art front as we're missing several key images we need for the upcoming prologue release. I've been doing some artwork myself this month to try and fill the very large gap. The weekly challenge for May 28th through June 6th over on OpenGameArt.org was actually created with our needs in mind, and we hope to get some usable art assets from this challenge to construct our castle tileset. This site, by the way, has been a great help to us and to open source game projects in general. Indeed, some of the art and sounds that we have in the game currently are taken from the archive on this site, and we've uploaded some of our own work up there for others to use as well. Please show them your support as they are a vital asset to the open source game development community.

The current state of the game is playable, though we're still not finished with the largest and most critical map for our upcoming release. The other maps though are mostly complete and will only require refinements and tuning to make them fully release-ready. The gameplay of map exploration has not changed too much since the demo, although there have been a lot of improvements to this code to make it easier to create vivid environments through scripting. The battle gameplay, on the other hand, has seen and continues to see significant improvements in both its execution and additional features which have been added.

So things are looking pretty darn good and the team's progress has been phenomenal over the past few weeks. If we can keep up this momentum and rate of progress, I'd guess that we're only maybe 2-4 weeks off from having the first unstable release out, which will be an enormous step forward to getting us to the finalized product. Thanks for checking back on us, and we'll have something new to share with you soon.