Back From Hiatus, New Releases Coming

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 01:40

Over the last few months the project has been in a state of limbo and very little progress was made during this time. However, I'm glad to announce that we are back on track once again. I took a personal break from Allacrost to deal with some issues and now find myself with both a large amount of free time and motivation, a truly powerful combination. We've made incredible progress in the last week and have quickly rebuilt our lost momentum. I want to take a moment to outline our next major milestone and what you can expect to experience from us next.

Our previous major release of demo 1.0.0 marked the end of our demo series. We've built up enough of a foundation to take an exciting step forward and begin production of the full game. If you recall, the keystone of our release model is that we release the game in modules. A release of a module of the Allacrost game is analogous to the release of a new episode of an on-going TV series. The first module we are currently working on is the prologue. Like we started doing last year, we'll be making available a series of "unstable" releases throughout the development process of this module. These releases will continue to offer a playable preview of what we are working on just as they have in the past, and we'll iteratively improve on each one until we feel that the final product is ready. As always, there's no set time line for this release. But we are working hard to get out the first unstable release as soon as possible

So aside from the new plot, what else can you expect to see in this release? We'll be starting with a brand new set of maps and a sizable amount of new artwork this round. Most of the new features will be in the battle system and include status effects, the ability to retry battles that you lose (so you don't have to start all over from your last save point), and target points on enemies that have different weaknesses and effects. There's a thread on our forums going into more detail about the changes to the battle system that are coming up. Speaking of the forums, if you'd like to participate (or merely spectate) in the discussions we're having about the changes that we're making, that's where all the action happens. You can also subscribe to the Subversion Commit Log thread, which provides a real-time progress meter showing when changes are made and what those changes were.

We hope you're looking forward to the revival of this project (though it wasn't really dead, just in hibernation). One major setback from our long slumber is that we've lost contact with most of the team. If you're willing to lend us a hand, we could really use it. Even if you have no talents or skills other than playing a game, we could find a use for you. We're especially in dire need of artists, as we have zero of them at this moment. The more help we can get, the sooner this release happens. Thanks for being patient with us. We hope to begin rewarding that patience very soon.