New unstable release

Submitted by rujasu on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 02:44

We have posted a new unstable release (development snapshot) on our Sourceforge page:

Differences you may notice from our past demo include new environments, music, characters, and plot. This content is unfinished, consider it to be in a beta or even alpha state right now. Other features include an internationalization framework (work-in-progress), settings profiles, and a new shopping interface. To see the complete list of features, check the release notes on our Sourceforge page. Alternatively, play the game and find out!

Some known issues that we hope to have resolved by the next release:

- You may experience random crashes, particularly when changing maps, so save very frequently.
- The story is mostly complete, but details are missing. Some parts may be hard to follow because of missing or incomplete animations/dialogue.
- The desert outskirts area is not complete and should be fairly unchallenging.
- Claudius may keep running when certain dialogue events occur.
- Treasure chests repopulate when revisiting an area

Enjoy, and be sure to post any feedback in our forums!