Jan. 2010 Forum Updates

Submitted by Roots on Sun, 01/31/2010 - 22:27

Hey everyone. Just wanted to send out a quick notice about our forums. We had a lot of problems with spam bots registering accounts last year and this weekend it looks like we finally stopped them (for now). So the good news is that there is less spam for us to deal with, meaning more of our time is spent actually working on the game. But there are still several spam bots registered on the forums. We've already started going through the entire member list and deleting those that we know or are likely to be spammers.

Now the bad news is that we may accidentally delete legitimate accounts if they look suspicious (no posts, odd user names or e-mail addresses, etc). The best way to protect your account so that it is not deleted is to make at least one post on the forums. We're only examining accounts which have zero posts. So this might be a good time for you to post in the self-introduction thread if you haven't already. If we do happen to delete your account, you are of course welcome to register once again, and encouraged to make a post so your account is safe in the future. Also the captchas used for registration are now much more difficult than before, so if you're registering an account you may have a spot of trouble deciphering the captcha.

An unfortunate side effect of our forum upgrade was that it destroyed our custom forum skin and we had no backup of our style sheet. So the visual aesthetics of the forum are less appealing than they were before. If you're able and willing to help us get the forums looking as sharp as they once were, we'd really appreciate the extra bit of help. Thanks!