Seven months

Submitted by Roots on Wed, 06/10/2009 - 07:01

Wow, its been nearly seven months since our last post. I bet some of you were starting to think this project was dead, weren't you? I grow tired of continuing to say this, but "no, we are not dead". Why the long period with no news posted on the site? The answer is quite simply, there was no news to share. The entire team kind of fell apart for a while and there wasn't a lot of motivation on our part to work on the game. We all had our own reasons. Some just needed a break while others were busy with other things in their lives. We did get some work done though. We're on the verge of having full internationalization (multiple language) support in the game and just have a few kinks left to work out.

One of the reasons why we fell into this state is that we lacked manpower in both our programming and art departments. If you recall from the last news post, we were trying really hard to attract new programmers. And we did attract quite a few. The problem is that nearly every person we brought aboard and trained turned out to produce nothing or very little work. Personally this pisses me off whenever this happens (and it has happened quite frequently in the last year or two) because it actually does take us some time to get people set and mentor them during their first couple of weeks with the team. So when someone joins but doesn't produce anything it actually hurts our progress, which is not cool at all. We do still need programmers and artists on this team though so if you are interested please apply. But do so only if you're actually willing to commit yourself and do some work because you're just going to hurt this game otherwise.

Now then, the good news is that the team is fired up again. We've picked up where we left off and have been working aggressively on implementing the features for the next release that we have planned. Yes, we haven't changed the plans for our next release. However because we fell behind so much from our long hiatus and our team size remains small, we've decided to cut some of the less essential features we had originally planned. One such feature that we decided to cut is surface sounds, which is the ability to play different sounds depending upon the type of surface a sprite is walking on. To be clear, we haven't decided to cut these features from the game entirely. We only decided to put them off until a later release milestone.

The highlight of this next release is going to be all the changes you will see in the game's battles. I guarantee that the battle system will be significantly better than any of our past release. You'll see improvements across the entire game of course, but battles are really what we are focusing on in this next release. Maybe in a future post I'll elaborate more on exactly what you can expect to see in our next release. Until then, thanks for being patient with us and hopefully we can deliver something to you before the end of this year. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this project is now just over 5 years old. At least we're persistent, right? :)