The Intent of the Allacrost Editor

Submitted by Roots on Tue, 09/30/2008 - 22:51

It looks the OS X release file for Demo 0.2.2 still has some problems on machines running Tiger (10.4). We're working on the issue and will notify you as soon as it's fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I want to take a moment to briefly inform you of what our intentions are with our editor. Initially, our sole purpose for it was to create and edit map files. As our project matured however, we realized we needed it to be capable of much more. We refer to the editor as a "game editor" rather than simply a "map editor" because it will eventually support a very diverse set of features. Here are a few.

Create/modify characters, NPCs, and enemies
Create/modify properties of existing inventory items/weapons/armor
Create/modify skills that are used in battles
A browser for all game images
An audio player for all game music and sounds

To put it simply, virtually all content that goes into the game will be able to be either viewed, created, or modified from within this editor program. Most of what the editor will one day do we currently perform ourselves by hand. You need to have an intimate knowledge of how everything works together in order to edit or create this data correctly. The editor will eliminate that requirement, allowing anyone the ability to create or edit game content. It is our hope that this will be able to get more people involved in the game-making process, and perhaps we will be able to leverage this when we begin the delicate process of balancing the game.

There is one more important item we need to mention. The OS X release file for Demo 0.2.2 has been updated on Sourceforge. Two things were changed. First there was an issue reported with the demo not working correctly on PowerPC machines. This has now been fixed. Second, the content files (image, music, etc.) are now shared between the game and editor. They were not shared in the first iteration of this release, which drastically increased the size of the download by almost 2x and made it more difficult to use the editor to edit existing game content (you had to copy the modified editor data files over to the game data file location). If you intend to try using the editor to make changes to the game or have a PowerPC machine, you'll want to re-download the new OS X release file. Otherwise, your current install should be sufficient.