Completed updating the website

Submitted by ElonNarai on Sun, 09/28/2008 - 16:50

I also want to mention the reason why the site is going to remain in this form for the foreseeable future. The reason we had to switch back to a less stellar-looking theme is that it was too difficult to migrate the theme settings to the new version of the site back end that we have installed now. 90% of the time, the people that fix these sorts of issues are programmers, and its in everyone's interest that they spend time working on the game and the editor and not doing this kind of stuff. So we're trying to minimize the amount of time we spend with online issues like this.

Until we can find ourselves someone whom is willing to work hard to restore and improve upon the old theme, we'll all just have to get used to this new format.

If you are an older visitor you might have noticed that the page you are looking at now is completly different from what you are used to see. As Roots explained in "Pardon the mess..." we are in the progress of cleaning up and updating various things. As of now both the website and the wiki have been fixed.

If you have any troubles with the website or come across anything that you think need fixing, please notify us through the forum. Our thanks in advance.