Pardon the mess...

Submitted by Roots on Tue, 09/23/2008 - 07:17

The Windows release has been updated tonight so that you no longer need to download the two DLL files that were mentioned on the Download page previously. Sorry for the short-term inconvenience that this may have caused some of you.

We're in the process right now of cleaning up a lot of outdated and incorrect content on both our website and our wiki. We've been having numerous technical issues with both lately, so first we have to fix these problems. The wiki currently does not allow anyone to successfully edit a page and the website has numerous problems with its administration capabilities. The reason we're telling you of this is to ask in advance for your patience to please "pardon our dust" as we fix these problems and get our online services up-to-date once again. You may see random errors or other odd behavior during this period, so please just ignore any mess that you may stumble upon. Thanks!