Suprise! A new release

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 09/22/2008 - 05:38

Tonight we're pleased to bring you the fourth release of our demo, version 0.2.2. This is not the "grand" demo that we had announced we were working on late last year. The purpose of this release is to make our game editor officially available. The editor was used to produce every playable version of Allacrost that we have made available. We felt that it was time to make it available to everyone else as well. From now on, all future releases of Allacrost will include this editor.

Please read the Download page for download and installation instructions. There are a few important notes about this release that you'll need to read, otherwise running the program may not work. As usual, the downloads for windows, OS X, and Linux/source can be found on our sourceforge page. There is also a Debian package available, with FreeBSD and others soon to follow.

The demo remains largely the same as it was in our previous release (0.2.1), so don't expect anything to be dramatically different. Changes in this release include the following:

The Allacrost editor is now included
Player now has ability to go inside structures
Various minor fixes and updates

Part of the reason for this release is that our editor, for the most part, has been a one man show since the beginning. Huge kudos go out to Phil Vorsilak (gorzuate) for continuing to work on the editor so adamantly for all these years. For several months we tried to get him some help, but not many people were interested in working on an application that up until now has remained completely internal. So we are hoping by releasing our editor (which is far from being complete), we'll get people more interested in contributing to it.

We actually have a lot more to announce, but we'll save it for subsequent posts. Keep an eye on the website for more updates in the next few days. Thanks for playing!