New forums, new story, and a painful cry out for help wanted

Submitted by Roots on Tue, 02/26/2008 - 03:51

It's been a while since our last news post, so here are some brief updates. First, you may have noticed that we recently switched over our forums to phpBB3.0. Many thanks to Matt Gallivan for taking charge and making that transition. Matt has also finished updating our custom forum skin to match phpBB3, so in a short while you should see that skin as our default forum theme once again.

Our team has been somewhat hypocritical over the last few years, as we continue to say in our message that we really emphasize the story of this game, yet we've shown no actions to back it up since releasing the prologue on the site so long ago. We have been working on the story, its just been very slow since it's low priority during this initial development phase. But tonight, we've made available chapter 1 of the Allacrost story. Its up in the story section of our website, or you can download the PDF right here. I'd like to personally extend my thanks to Brian Aloisi for taking my writing and really making it shine. He has really taught me a lot about writing in the little time that he's been with the team.

Finally, a general status update about how the game is going. Unfortunately, we've made very slow progress in the past two months. This is primarily because we are now very under-staffed. All of our most committed, senior developers have had things happen in their lives this year that has inhibited them from contributing as much as they would like to (this goes for myself as well). We're also short in the art department, as usual. Music and sound as always is fully staffed and is pumping out more material than we know what to do with (but this is a good problem to have). So having said that, we are in somewhat of a crisis right now and we really, really need new programmers and artists on our team to help us keep Allacrost going strong.

If you are a programmer, right now we're looking for people experienced in C++ who are excited about writing game logic. This means writing map exploration logic, code for smooth battle execution, party management and shopping interfaces via our custom GUI system, and more. We also strongly need at least one programmer with OpenGL experience to help improve that GUI system, as well as giving a perfection polish to our text rendering code and adding support for special visual effects such as dynamic lighting for use in our next release. We'd also like to have a couple more programmers working on our game editor, which is shaping up to be a pretty darn nice tool now. So game logic, the graphics engine, and our game editor are the three primary areas that we need more programmers in right now.

If you are an artist and interested in helping, first of all don't be intimidated by the quality of our work. Yes, we have a couple of incredibly talented artists on this team, but they can't create all the artwork for Allacrost just between the two of them. The great thing about working as an artist for Allacrost is that we help each other out all the time to become better at what we do. You'll be learning from the experts, seeing tremendous growth in the quality of your own work, and producing artwork that will be present in a free game that you know people are going to appreciate, In fact once things settle down in the code department, I intend to delve into artwork production myself and take advantage of the great opportunities I have to learn here with this team.

So that's all I have to apprise you of for this update. We're working on a surprise right now that we hope to have ready by next month, so stay tuned for that announcement.