Next Steps, The End of the Beginning

Submitted by Roots on Sat, 12/15/2007 - 18:58

Before I begin, if you have had difficulties getting the 0.2.1 demo release to run on your Windows PC, please read the comments I posted in the release announcement on our main site. A solution for that problem is presented in there.

Now that we've finished our third release, its time we share with you all what our next steps will be. Our previous releases have been tech demos, meant more to show off what we were shaping up Allacrost to be rather than to be something that was fun and enjoyable. Well those days are now gone, as demo 0.2.1 marked the end of our series of tech demos. Our next goal will be to create a complete game demo that we hope our players will enjoy playing. This version number for this next demo is 1.0.0, and it will be the last demo that our team produces. After demo 1.0.0 is released, our team will finally be fully prepared to begin creating the full game.

You may be wondering why we continue to bother with all these demo releases rather than going straight to work on the game itself, and there are several reasons for this. Many people on this team, including myself, have never developed a game before, or even a professional software application. These demos allow us to gain experience and mature our technology so that by the time development on the full game begins, we are all well prepared for the challenges ahead. Another reason is to allow you, the player, the opportunity to sample Allacrost without waiting for years. In the long-term perspective of Allacrost, spending time on creating these demos will be well worth the temporary distraction from the main game.

Demo 1.0.0 will be a major leap forward from 0.2.1 in terms of both features and content. Progress towards demo 1.0.0 had already begun months ago with the re-designs of our graphics and audio engines, which were originally intended to be done only after 0.2.1 was released (this was also the reason why 0.2.1 was released much later than we had hoped). Here is a list of the major features and content that you can expect to see available in demo 1.0.0.


Actions in battles will be animated
On maps, you will be free to roam inside of structures
Support for multiple saved games will be available, and save points will be added to maps
Convenient equipment comparisons will be present in the demo's shop menus
The menu interfaces throughout the game will all see improvement in display and utility
Localization support will be present (the demo will support multiple languages)


An original story has been crafted especially for this demo, complete with character developments
Both maps and battles will make greater use of new environmental and action sound effects
A large amount of new artwork for tilesets, sprites, and more will be added
This release will feature all brand new maps created expressly for the demo's environment and story

These lists are not comprehensive, and there will be much more to expect from this demo. You can imagine this demo as being a stand-alone "miniature RPG", because that's really what we're making. We will be needing to bolster our team's strength for this next release (especially in the area of artwork). I'll be making a post with regards to exactly what help we need and where in the coming week, so if you're interested in joining the team or helping us out with this next release I encourage you to check back with us next weekend. As usual, we'll periodically post updates on our progress towards our next release, and you can expect us to announce a surprise or two before 1.0.0 goes gold. Thanks for all your continued support!