October 2007 Update

Submitted by Roots on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 21:27

Our progress has been a little slower so far this month, but we're far from a stand still. There have been several very difficult-to-fix bugs in the new video engine code that have been slowing a lot of us down (especially myself). Hopefully within the next week or two, we'll have everything patched up and ready for prime time. Our map editor has been making some great progress though, thanks largely to gorzuate. We do intend to begin making public releases of our map editor sometime in the near future once we have a couple more features available in there, and we hope that will attract more people who are interested in helping out with editor development. I personally hope that our editor can become on-par with the editor for StarCraft, as the SC editor really helped to boost that game's popularity.

Anyway, artwork has been making some nice progress as well, even though many of our artists are inactive right now. Most of the artwork focus lately has been on map sprites, including new non-standard (non-walking) animations. They haven't been yet added to the game (because I've been spending all my time fixing engine bugs), but hopefully we'll be able to squeeze a couple of them into our next release. There's also been a revived focus in story and writing ever since we hired Brian to be a writer a few weeks back. He and I have been working together on both the main story and having a nice mini-story for our subsequent demo releases.

Except for these outstanding engine bugs, code-wise I'd say that we are pretty much ready to make our next release. Last I checked, all of the primary features we had planned for this next release are implemented and fully functional. There are also several additional features that we've managed to squeeze in as well. One feature that we have been working on but will not be in the next release is internationalization support. So perhaps within the next month or two, we may become interested in attracting some translators on this team. Speaking of which, we're still looking for a few programmers to join us. We have a few new programmers on our team (3-4 I think) since our last post, but we could still use a couple more.

That's all I have to report this month. I hope you'll continue to be patient with us as we continue to try and get this next release out to you all. I know it sucks that it takes a few months between releases, but I'm pretty certain that our release frequency will get shorter and shorter as we go on since we are finishing a lot of our foundation (engine) work. if you have any thoughts or comments, feel free to post them in the forum.