July 2007 Update

Submitted by Roots on Wed, 07/18/2007 - 08:59

Its been over one month since our last release so we owe you an update on how things are progressing. Overall, progress toward meeting our next release goal has gone extremely well this period. Particularly on the programming front, we've made a number of large improvements to our engine which have been invaluable in enabling us to develop the next set of features we want to have in our next demo. Several of those features are already fully or partially implemented and can be seen by checking out a copy of the game from the SVN repository. The release of demo 0.2.1 is largely dependent on the progress of the programming team, as we will not have very much new audio or visual media available in this release. As a rough prediction, I'd say that we now have well over half of the code written that is needed for our next release.

As far as our recruitment of new members goes, we've made a number of new additions to our team so far. They include three programmers, a sound composer, a team manager, a web developer, and a writer. We're still seeking more programmers, especially those that are interested in working on our game's editor, which really needs the extra help. Sadly, we haven't been able to add any new artists onto our team in the past month, which is extremely disappointing. We desperately need help in the art department, otherwise it is assured that our future releases will be held up due to a lack of artwork. If you're interested in helping us out, please send in an application and let us know.

In other news, both our main website and our forums are undergoing a number of functional and cosmetic changes at the moment. Therefore, there may be small periods of time where either one of these services is temporarily inaccessible, so bare with us. Thanks to our new manager, Gallivan, our forum is finally receiving its own custom-made skin to fit with the theme of our website, so go check it out.