Recruitment Hunt -- Summer 2007

Submitted by Roots on Wed, 06/13/2007 - 22:09

Now that our release is out, we would like for our development team would like to grow a little more. If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested in working in one of the positions as follows, click the "Contribute" tab near the top of the page to find out how to apply.

All programmer applicants are required to have a moderate to advanced knowledge of C++. Knowledge of Lua is also beneficial, but it is not a requirement (you will likely come to learn the language as you work on our team). Any additional experience you have working with these libraries is a plus as well.

Programmers on our team are usually assigned to one, or sometimes a few, specific areas of the code. For example, the video engine or the map exploration code. However, our programmers often transition to new areas when one section of code becomes boring or over developed. With that said, we're looking to hire (# of) programmers in the following areas:

- (1) map exploration code
- (1) character management menu / shop menu code
- (1) battle execution code
- (1-2) video engine
- (1-3) game editor
- (1) system engine (internationalization, etc. engine functions)

We keep a concise "to do" list for our coding tasks in our wiki right here. I highly encourage you to look at this page if you're considering working with us and making sure you're up to working on the tasks that are listed there.

Since the very beginning, Allacrost has been in perpetual need of artists. As you can see, for an open source game our artwork is very high quality, and we plan to keep it that way. Artists who feel they are not skilled/talented enough to produce this level of artwork should still apply. We have a very culturing and nurturing artwork team here, and we help newcomers improve their skill. So please don't let any feelings of intimidation prevent you from applying.

We are primarily seeking 2D pixel artists to produce more content of the type you've already seen in the game. Map tiles, map sprites, battle backgrounds, battle sprites, character portraits, etc. Concept artists are also welcome to apply, but we do not have a dire need for any at the moment. We're also looking for a 3D modeler/animator (no, Allacrost is not trying to evolve to a 3D game). The purpose of this artwork is to create 3D models of characters and then to animate them doing attacks and casting magic in battles. Our battle sprites are very large and detailed, and it is very difficult to produce full animations for them using 2D methods only. If you're interested, send in an application and we can fill you in some more.

Web Designer
Although our website looks very nice and professional, there are a lot of problems we've been struggling with on the back end, and several feature requests that have been unaddressed for months. What we need is someone whom is willing to help us fix what is broken and implement some new features to spice up the site a little. We use Drupal as our CMS, so knowledge of that plus PHP is pretty much required.

Team Manager
We're interested in seeking an additional manager to our team. We already have one (Emre), but the amount of administrative tasks is too much for him to do alone. The type of things you'll be doing include coordinating development between different departments, public relations tasks within our community and outside of it, and hopefully even working a little with the game itself. If you are not a particular strong programmer, artist, or composer but want to be part of our team, this is the position for you.

Thanks everyone. If you have any questions regarding these positions feel free to leave a comment to this post, ask in our forums, or ask in person on our IRC channel.