Third Anniversary, Second Release

Submitted by Roots on Mon, 06/11/2007 - 09:29

We have two big announcements to make. First, today (June 10th, 2007) marks the third anniversary since the Allacrost project was conceived. We are all very proud to be one of the very few independent game development projects that have survived to be this old. Now normally, on your birthday you're supposed to be given gifts from others, but we're doing just the opposite. The second big piece of news is that our second demo (version 0.2.0) has been released! This release, like the previous, is simultaneously available for Windows, OS X (universal), and Linux. In addition a Debian package and a FreeBSD port will follow shortly. Visit our Download Page to get instructions on where you can download and install this new release.

This second release is a vast improvement over our first, which was made public in October of last year. Some of the major additions you'll see in this demo are:

- Free-range movement replacing tile-based movement
- Two excellent new maps to explore
- No more random encounters
- You can now buy and sell wares from shop keepers
- A newly added stamina bar in the battle interface
- The ability to gain experience levels and make your character grow stronger
- Plenty of additional music to enjoy

We think you'll really take a liking to what we have this time around. Nevertheless, remember that Allacrost is still a work in progress, and this release remains a fair distance from what we want this game to eventually become. Please share with us your comments, critiques, and thoughts on our forum after you play so we can absorb your feedback for our next release. If you have any issues with installing or playing our demo, you can leave us a note on the forum or stop by our IRC channel (#allacrost at and we'll help you out. Have fun!