Demo 0.2.0 plans

Submitted by Roots on Wed, 01/03/2007 - 02:02

Its been a while since our last news post, and you all deserve an update on our plans and our progress. Despite our previous intention to release a slightly improved version of our demo, we recently decided that it wasn't worth the time it would take for us to put together a release, since there would really be nothing significantly different from the first demo. Therefore, we have been focusing our efforts on the second version of our demo (0.2.0), which will be a significant improvement over the first. Here's a list of features we have planned for this upcoming release:

- Free-range motion on maps, rather than the tile-based motion that was in the first demo. This will make movement feel much more natural when playing the game.

- A new map in addition to the previous cave map. If you watch our public artwork forum, you'll have an idea of how nice this new map will look like.

- Improvements in the battle interface, including shrinking/expanding HP/etc. bars and other touch-ups.

- The ability to actually gain XP and earn levels this time around. :)

- Possibly more sprite animations for the battles, if we can finish those in time.

- The ability to save and load game configuration settings.

- All bug fixes and improvements that were announced for the former 0.1.1 release will be in place.

I think its safe to say that our team has now exited our typical end-of-the-year downtime and we have been making great progress in many areas in the past two weeks. I would estimate that this next demo will take at least six more weeks before we're ready to release, if not more. I don't usually like to announce planned release periods since the availability of members on our team is ever volatile, but I was hoping that I could give everyone something to look forward to next month.

One last note: comments for our site have been temporarily disabled. We were getting an enormous amount of spam comments (as you may have noticed) and we have continually had to waste our time to fight off spam both on our site and our forums. We'll hopefully make comments available again sometime before we announce our next release.

Finally, our team wishes a happy new year to everyone. We hope to bring you more great things in 2007, so look forward to it!