About the Team

Who are the people behind the project?
The team behind the Allacrost project consists of programmers, artists, composers, and others all across the globe. These people contribute to Allacrost in their spare time, and are not compensated financially.

What motivates these people to contribute if they aren't paid anything?
Everyone working on Allacrost have their own personal motivations. Some want to learn new skills and gain experience through their contributions. A few want to use it as a stepping stone for entering the gaming industry. Others appreciate the vision of the game and want to influence what it ultimately becomes. But the most popular reason that people work on Allacrost is because they have fun doing so.

Are any of the team members professional game designers?
Some do indeed have industry experience, but the majority of the team members have either developed games independently in the past or not at all. Several members of the Allacrost team, both past and present, aspire to work in the game development industry. And some of us have successfully launched those careers using Allacrost as a stepping stone.

How is the team structured?
In a word: loosely. The team is run democratically, although members who have been around longer or made more significant contributions carry more influence during discussions about designs. Strictly speaking, we categorize ourselves up into three different tiers. Members start out as contributors and are promoted based on their success. They are never demoted to a lower role. Promotion does not come with any inherit reward, but it does serve to distinguish ourselves and bump up where a member's name appears in the credits.

  1. Contributors have made one or more small to medium size contributions and have been active for a few days to a few months.
  2. Staff have made numerous significant contributions and have typically been active on the project for around a year or longer.
  3. Leaders are tenured members of the team that demonstrate responsibility and take ownership of one or more aspects of the game.

You can see what category a particular member by looking at the various role groups defined on the Allacrost forums.

How may I contact the team or specific members of the team?
To contact the team for information or any general reason, you can send an e-mail to team@allacrost.org. To contact specific members of the team, you can send them a private message or e-mail via their account on the forums.

How can I become a member of the team?
See the contribute page.

Where can I see the game's credits?
There is an option on the main menu of the game to view them, or you can visit the the credits page.