About the Project

What is "The Allacrost Project"?

The Allacrost Project is the collective design and development efforts surrounding the game Hero of Allacrost. This includes work on the game itself, the narrative, and the Allacrost website and other services.

When did the project start?

The project started in June 2004.

What license is Allacrost made available?

All of the source code, images, music, sounds, and other content are licensed under the GNU GPL. To summarize, this license grants the following rights:

the right to run the program, for any desired purpose.
the right to study how the program works, and modify it.
the right to redistribute copies of the program.
the right to improve the program, and release the improvements to the public.

We urge you to read the license in its entirity to ensure that you are not in violation of it, especially if you plan to modify or redistribute the game.

What online services exist for The Allacrost Project and what are they for?

There are a variety of public services, each which serves a specific purpose.

Allacrost Website - http://www.allacrost.org
This website serves as an official and reliable source of information.
Allacrost Forums - http://www.allacrost.org/forums
The forums serve as the team's primary communication medium. It is here that many of the design decisions for the project are made, as well as where we solicit feedback from on newly produced content
Allacrost Wiki - http://allacrost.sourceforge.net/wiki
The wiki contains an abundance of various information. This includes documentation, lists of tasks that need to be accomplished, and standards for producing artwork, music, and code to use in the game.
Allacrost IRC channel - #allacrost at irc.freenode.net
The IRC channel offers a medium for players, team members, and other interested parties to chat in real-time
Allacrost SourceForge Project Page - http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/allacrost
The project page on SourceForge is mostly of interest to programmers and does not contain any information that can not be found on the website or wiki.
Allacrost Web-based Code Browser - http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.cgi/allacrost/
The source code repository for Allacrost is hosted by sourceforge. You can use this site to browse through the code repository.

Is there a mailing list?

No, not officially. However, by registering on the forums you are automatically added to a (low volume) contact list. Periodically, we send e-mail to forum members and ask them to test pre-releases of the game, or provide us with feedback on unreleased game content.

What is the Allacrost narrative?

The game Hero of Allacrost actually started out as a short story, not a game. That short-story has been turned into an on-going novel, which the game's story is based off of. Chapters of the novel are made available on the website in the Story section.

Why is it taking this team so long to release the game?

There are many answers to this question. The most prominent reason is that everyone on the Allacrost team contributes in their spare time. Every member on the team have more important responsibilities in their life and can only treat Allacrost as a personal hobby. All team members are either full-time students, have jobs/careers, or have families that they must support.

Some sections of the forums, wiki, etc. have restricted access. Why doesn't Allacrost follow a true open development model?

There are a handful of reasons. First, we like to keep works in progress (WIP) for artwork, music, etc. to ourselves until we feel that they are mature enough that we can confidently present the work to the public. Second, allowing anyone to read and make comments on design discussions can often be counter-productive as they lead to many debates and off-topic discussions. Third, some of these restricted access areas contain confidential information, such as personal contact information for team members. Finally, we don't want to spoil the public before they have a chance to play the game.

Some may express criticism toward such a policy, and they are free to do so. However, we do not follow a true open development model because we do not believe it is in the best interests of this project. Rest assured, we do not have a hidden agenda or ulterior motive.