New Energy

Submitted by Roots on Sat, 10/28/2017 - 19:26

It has been quite some time since our last update. The reason for that was quite simply that there was no news to share. Myself and others on the team were simply too busy with other things in our lives and sadly this project had to sit on the sidelines. That period is now over thankfully, and I've committed myself to at least the last three months of this year. I have a strong desire to finish what we nearly were able to accomplish last year.

That said, our goals for this project have not changed. Publish a development release where you can fully play through the game, followed by an official release shortly thereafter once we've perfected and polished it. The time line for when these goals will be achieved is more nebulous now, but I am optimistic that the development release will be finished before the year's end. Here's a glimpse on what's going on at this moment.

Feature Purge

Recently we made the difficult decision to remove a feature from the game that has been around since the very beginning. That feature was called MAPS, an acronym for multiple attack point system. The idea behind MAPS was that instead of targeting an enemy to attack, you could target a specific area of the enemy such as their head or arms for a different effect. Attacking the head would deal more damage, but be harder to hit. Attacking the legs may trigger a status effect that lowered the enemy's speed. And so on. The motivation was to make battles more interesting and strategic.

Sadly, in practice this feature didn't work out so well. Most battles were too short and the various trade-offs between the attack points were too inconsequential. Additionally, the feature could be confusing to players and selecting actions in battle had a somewhat clumsy workflow as a result. More recently, the battle fatigue feature was introduced to the game and it achieves many of the same goals that MAPS intended to. We felt that both of these features together made the game needlessly complex, and so opted to keep the better of the two.

Map Art Focus

Last year a spent a lot of time working on the largest and most complex map that this project has built to date. The map itself is nearly completed, but after play testing it I realized it was just...boring. Buildings were lined up in rows and looked identical save for small variations in size or decorations. Some of the art on this map was also full of artifacts because although the art itself was fantastic, it did not repeat well across multiple tiles.

My current work aims to address. I've spent the past few days reformatting the existing art to remove these slights and make the tiles more repeatable. I'm adding sets of improvements, additions, and variations as well so that the same set of art can produce many different looking structures. Once that work is done, I'm taking a hammer to the current building layout of the map to improve the overall design.

Fixes and Improvements

In addition, there are still a fair amount of bugs and features in the code that remain to be addressed. I won't go over all of them, but you can see our open issues here to get an idea of what needs to be done on that front.


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