Hiatus Update and New Chat Channel

Submitted by Roots on Sun, 11/27/2016 - 18:21

Our last update in mid-September proclaimed that we'd have a development release ready in a couple more weeks. Unfortunately, that did not happen. The primary fault lies with myself. I had a lot of personal matters suddenly come up that took all of my time and attention. I quite simply had no time for this project, and many others on the team found themselves in similar circumstances around the same time. So we just needed to take a short break to take care of life.

Now we're on the rebound and we're starting to make incremental progress again. I think we can definitely get our development release out by the end of the year, and our official release maybe a few weeks into next year. That all depends on if we can find the resources to fill in our missing gaps, however. Most of what we are missing at this point is art, sound, and writing.

There was some talk on the team a few weeks back about opening up a new means to chat with one another. We've had our IRC channel since the start of this project, but IRC isn't for everyone (developers are the only ones who tend to use it) and we wanted to make it easier for anyone to come and join the conversations. So we setup a public Discord channel that anyone is free to visit. This service also has the advantage of saving chat history, unlike IRC, so we're able to read past conversations. Our IRC channel will continue to exist and we may hop in there now and then, but moving forward we'll be holding nearly all of our real-time discussions at our new chat channel. The forums will still be our primary method of communication.