First Release of 2015 Available

Submitted by Roots on Tue, 06/30/2015 - 08:23

Today we're glad to announce our first release of 2015. This is a development release, meaning it is a stable snapshot of the game's current state of development. You can download these files from our new project page over at BitBucket (the files for this release have the text "dev20150628" in the filename). We have provided a release file for OS X and Linux (source). The Windows distribution is not available yet due to some technical issues, but it will eventually be on the download page in a few days. I'm also in the process of recording a walk-through video for this release along with commentary, which you can also expect in the near future. I'll make announcement posts accordingly when these items become available.

This is a pretty significant turning point for this project. It's been nearly four years since the last time this project saw a release and it feels great to turn things around. And notice we called this the "first release" of this year. We fully expect to follow up with at least one, possibly two more releases in the coming months. Much of the work that has been accomplished in the past several months had the aim of improving the process of developing maps, scripting events, and managing game data. With the bulk of this work now complete, future development efforts are going to be focused on developing game content and fixing many of the rough edges found throughout the game.

We hope you enjoy this release, whether you play it yourself or watch the walk-through video when its available, and look forward to what's coming next.