Hero of Allacrost sports several types of artwork, from the typical pixel art found commonly in role-playing games to full scene portraits. This page contains a small sample of the various types of artwork that the game has to offer.

Map Artwork

Our original tile artwork and map sprites combine together to produce enriched, living environments for the player to explore.

Battle Artwork

Hero of Allacrost offers several unique, high-quality foes that provide continuous challenge for the player.

Several sprite image frames are created for each enemy and are smoothly blended together to reflect the amount of damage that have been inflected upon the hellions.

Character Portraits

The most important characters in Allacrost are given portrait images to allow expressive emotions in their speech and interactions.

Every character fighting in battle has a series of face portraits, which reflect various levels of damage and are blended in together smoothly as a function of the character's health.

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A full-body portrait is also created for each main character to illustrate that character's individual physique and style, something that is very difficult to do effectively with small, pixelated sprites.

Scene Portraits

Particular scenes and locations are represented with high-resolution artwork to better convey the atmosphere of events and places to the player, which will enhance their experience while playing the game.

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